DSM launches ampli-D®, a faster-acting form of Vitamin D in Asia Pacific

SINGAPORE, March 13, 2021 – To address global concerns and needs in supporting immune health more effectively, Royal DSM, a purpose-led global science-based company in nutrition, health and sustainable living, has announced the launch of ampli-D®, a fast-acting form of vitamin D for dietary supplements in Asia Pacific, with Australia as the first market. ampli-D® will be released in Singapore next, followed by global markets.

ampli-D® is calcifediol (25-hyrdoxyvitamin D3), a common form of vitamin D found in the human body and blood stream. Following approval by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), ampli-D® is available as an ingredient to manufacturers of health supplements. In addition, DSM has also launched its own dietary supplement product with ampli-D® in tablet form for Australian consumers, branded as FORTARO®.

Commonly known as the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D is associated with bone and muscle health, and its fundamental role in supporting healthy immune function is increasingly recognised. Despite its importance to health and well-being, vitamin D deficiency is a prevalent global health issue. Even in Singapore where there is ample sunshine as a natural source of vitamin D, a study reported that almost 3 out of 4 Singaporeans suffer from inadequate vitamin D levels.

Dr. Taichi Inui, APAC Regional Manager for Nutrition Science & Advocacy at DSM Nutritional Products explains “In the human body, vitamin D needs to be first processed by the liver and converted into calcifediol to be processed further in the kidneys. The whole process is slow and it can easily take several months to achieve healthy levels in the bloodstream. With ampli-D®, calcifediol the common form of vitamin D in the body is now also available as a dietary supplement and helps the body get to optimal vitamin D levels in weeks instead of months.”

Anand Sundaresan, Vice President, Human Nutrition and Health, Asia Pacific, DSM said, “Supporting our immune health is essential throughout our lives and recent developments make it more important than ever before to prioritise immune health through nutrition. Our global launch of ampli-D®, with Australia the first country to approve the product, shows how we are accelerating accessibility towards industry-leading nutritional solutions by making it market-ready for our customers and partners and available for consumers.”

ampli-D® is currently available in Australia and will soon be available in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia before broader release across the other countries in Asia Pacific.