Leading a Community based property portal, driven by data

Magdelin Tan, General Manager – PropSocial

Magdelin was previously part of the pioneer team at Ocision Sdn Bhd, which consisted of 3 portals; Propwall.my, iBilik.my and Carsifu.my, until it was acquired by The Star Publications after 3.5 years of operation. A few colleagues and she then came out on their own to start PropSocial.my. Though property portals were already aplenty at the time, they saw that there was still a gap that needed to be filled.

PropSocial.my was founded on the idea of helping property seekers, where reliable data and information can make a difference in their search for property. It has been 6 years since she have been in the industry. She continues to be passionate in building something she strongly believe in from scratch, and taking it to the next level of success.

Though the journey has been an uphill battle with its own set of challenges, much like any other start-up out there, she appreciates this entrepreneurship journey and take pleasure in achieving simple successes from time to time, such as getting reviews from users about how PropSocial.my has helped people in their life, increase in their website traffic and users consistently, etc.

It is these simple things that affirm her goal of creating a product which can help the property community and make a difference for them through the data that they provide. Their focus has always been about better informed decision making for users.

Here are some views shared by Magdelin with team ABT.

Innovation which improves the life of people is what inspires me the most. Uber and GrabCar are some of the best and most inspiring examples I can think of, says Magdelin. They have created a product which is innovative and have transformed the way people travel and move around. The creation of Uber / GrabCar provides an easier way to travel, alternative choice of transportation and even income, minimizing costs such as parking and petrol.

I hope that PropSocial.my can also do a part in improving the way people look for, buy, rent, or sell properties, providing a solution for the property community to find out what they need to know in order to make informed decisions, she says.

About “PropSocial”, its reach and what makes it a unique
PropSocial is the first community-based social property website in Malaysia that gives real insights and unbiased user reviews. PropSocial is the solution for all property buyers, where our extensive Property Information page provides users with all the information that they need to know about any property. Each property can be rated and reviewed by other users, giving property buyers genuine views on the property they are looking at. It’s like ‘Tripadvisor’ for properties.

My PropSocial pioneer team of two software engineers, four content writers and four business development people aimed to solve the challenges faced by property buyers currently not addressed by property portals in the Malaysian market, Tan added.

In terms of revenue PropSocial sells advertising space to property agents and marketing solutions to property developers. Tan says the company plans to replicate the business model across South East Asia during its expansion.

We are also the first to provide Neighborhood Information, where everything from schools and shopping malls, to petrol stations and clinics, crime rate, demographics, and more, are clearly listed in easy-to-see infographic style. Of course, users can also rate and review specific neighborhoods.

Users can also “Follow” their preferred neighborhoods to stay up-to-date on any new listings, articles, and even discussions on the neighborhood(s) they have their eye on.

Philosophy of Doing Business
My philosophy is simple- work towards your goal. I firmly believe that an idea or dream is worthless if you don’t execute it. Be brave to face challenges and failure, never give up, and most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the journey.

Most challenging assignment so far
Like many other start-ups, raising funds has been the most challenging task.

Future Roadmaps
I want to expand the reach of PropSocial, and become the first choice of property buyers, sellers, owners, and even real-estate agents when it comes to property solutions. I have also set sights on expanding PropSocial to the SEA region.

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