Sophisticated Designs with a Holistic Creative Expression

Umberto Branchini, Founder – Umberto Interiors, Italy

Umberto Branchini is an Interior Designer with a multidisciplinary background and approach. He conveys the importance of a 360° experience in order to attain a sophisticated product with a holistic creative expression in terms of the conception of the space, colours, construction, and realisation of details.

Over the years, he has conceived and designed high-end interior design projects for the private residences among others in Venice, Milan, Rome, Paris, Cap Ferret and Yerevan of influential entrepreneurs in the world of fashion, business and finance, as well as showrooms in Milan and hospitality in Venice, Dubai, Marrakesh and Moscow. He created luxury accessories for brands such as Montblanc and Hugo Boss. “Our unique territory is extremely rich in amazing artisans since thousands of years and there are long – standing traditions of special know – how. The synergy between me and the artisan is fundamental and it’s always based on mutual understanding, curiosity and experience,” says Branchini.

He started off his career as a sculptor and held solo exhibitions, among which one in collaboration with Swarovski, and collective events organised by Milan Municipality and the Triennale Design Museum. He studied sculpture at the Fine Art Academy of Milan and has worked in Art, Design and Fashion.

Team ABT interacted briefly with the Italian Designer to know about his design philosophy & other insights, captured below.

Who has been your biggest inspiration? Why?
My biggest inspiration is Art because each project of interior design is realized like unique pieces, in terms of one design project.

What led you to interior designing as a profession?
My interest in interior design comes from my childhood and then in growth through art and design studies. I have always had visions of how to transform and embellish all the places I visited and where I entered, for me it is natural to want to transform and make every space I visit more beautiful.

Tell us about your most favorite design works.
All my projects are my favorites, but usually the ones I like the most are the last ones. In this period I really love an entrance realized in a Venetian palace completely covered in bronze and with a polychrome marble floor.

How do you ensure your designs align with the culture and geography?
Studying the culture, history and art of any Country where my work is going to be done is essential for me. I need to dedicate time and efforts to do it but I do not consider it as time consumption but rather a way of contributing to build my own personality and an essential enrichment for my work. I really like getting to know new cultures and new geographies. I really like studying the art and the history of a new place and re-elaborate the style through a more Italian vision.

What challenges did you face during your early days as an interior designer and how did you overcome them?
The first challenges as an interior designer were the creation of several fashion showrooms. It was therefore necessary to know the correct proportions for the construction of exhibitors and hanging racks, and also to know the best lighting of the products and also the use of the best colours to highlight the goods and at the same time express the style of the fashion designer. I solved this challenge with a thorough research of the best technology, the best textures and materials to be used for this purpose. Design and information are the tools that allow each designer to create an environment as well as aesthetically beautiful, even functional.

Let us know about your future roadmap.
My next projects are taking me to Cote d’Azur in South of France, in Armenia and Milan. In the future I would love to develop interesting projects in Asia, which I like immensely.