Equality doesn’t mean doing the same things as men

Dr Pauline Crawford is the CEO of Corporate Heart International and an expert on Gender Dynamics. Presently based in Las Vegas, USA, she has spent a few years working in Malaysia as well.

What according to you are the successes of gender equality movement which gathered momentum towards the end of the last decade?
The shifts have been great, Women on Boards movement, many firsts – more and more Presidents and Prime Ministers that are female… and almost every week, news about women making headlines in business, politics, science tech and sports and more. I post these news items regularly on my Facebook and LinkedIn Media…The best success I applaud most is when men provide accolades for women achievements. It is only through men and women together that we will reach equity. The announcement recently that Goldman Sachs will not accept any IPOs now from all male boards without one woman or one diversity champion… it’s good but not bold enough.

I am based in USA now, with my British origins and 4 years in Malaysia, I watch the gender equality movement on many fronts, mainly I am focused on Executive level men and women and the top roles shifting.

At the start of this decade, what would be your three priorities for gender equal workplaces?
Realize equality does not mean we do the same old things men have always done. Business itself by nature needs to shift to the infinite, open minded, heartfelt game… and the mix of players makes that work.

Humanize the workplace, blend life and work, men and women in conversations for mutual success.

Change the boardroom set up to be closer to equal number of men and women with diverse influences and open minds to co-create new business.

How important is the role of men in this movement and what according to you should organisations do to involve them?
It is VITAL, my own research on what men think about women, shows that men are confused about what women really want, they want to be acknowledge for who they are and be OK to be different, except their level of emotions. It is time for women and men to talk with listening first and truly hear what the other wants.

How important is the concept of “Sisterhood” in accelerating change?
Sisterhood is so valuable, however many women say they don’t think women have got their tribe together as when things go wrong, women tend to fall out big time. We must not feel threatened by our role in partnering men to run the world…. on mutual terms… not on men’s terms or women’s!

Do you think we need a young champion like Greta Thunberg for this cause as well?
I do believe we need to listen to all generations, and especially the young ones. Again, it all comes down to listening with our hearts and sharing with truths not bitterness.

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