Harnessing 5G, Other Advanced Tech Tops Singtel Group Future Makers 2023 Awards

SINGAPORE (November 06, 2023) – Singtel Group Future Makers 2023 held its 8th regional technology accelerator programme recently, where six social impact startup groups were adjudicated the winners. Harnessing the power of 5G and other advanced technologies, they have developed solutions that can be scaled regionally in the future for greater impact.

This year’s winners presented the following outstanding solutions;

Virtual Psychologist, a text-based counselling service that allows employees to access mental health support discreetly in the interest of their psychological well-being in the workplace.

GEPP, helps businesses manage waste and achieve their sustainability goals through its digital consultancy platform using data-driven insights and analytical services.

SoundEye, using sound recognition and depth imaging vision analytics for aged healthcare and surveillance needs without infringing on personal privacy. The SoundEye system can detect abnormal sounds and motions and alert caregivers to act immediately.

TicTag, useful for people with disabilities to receive an income by gamifying the process of tagging images, text and audio files. The tagged data can in turn be used by companies looking to incorporate AI into their businesses, and need high-quality datasets to train the AI models.  

myEco, helps save electricity through an app that automates and improves a busy persons’ electricity usage.

Aqilliz, a digital marketing software service that ensures data privacy and security for companies collecting first-hand data for consumer insights, advertising and measurement.

The top awards, Platinum and Gold which includes $40,000 and $30,000 in grants, went to Virtual Psychologist and GEPP respectively. All six winners will receive support from the Group in the form of mentorship, access to a customer base of over 770 million mobile users as well as grants of up to $40,000 to undertake business development regionally.

Over the course of its eight-year duration, over 3,000 applicants were submitted to Singtel, of which 80 startups were chosen at the local level after mentorship workshops and capacity building trainings were done. Of these, nine were selected to move on to the regional finals where six won the opportunity to fund regional market development or collaborations with Singtel to take their solutions to new markets.

Andrew Buay, Vice President of Group Sustainability, Singtel, said: “We started SGFM, one of the earliest technology accelerator programmes in the region, to encourage the use of technology to make a positive impact in society be it to conserve the environment, enhance economic equity or address other social and healthcare issues. This year’s SGFM winners have shown how technology such as 5G, AI and IoT can be used to develop meaningful solutions that address many pressing social issues from ageing to urban traffic congestion. We’re excited to support them with our network, expertise and resources so they can grow beyond their home markets and bring their innovations to the people who need them. In keeping with our Group Purpose to Empower Every Generation, we will continue to drive such initiatives to enable start-ups in the region to help those in need.”