“Fail fast, fail often enough, in order to succeed”: Terence Lyons



Terence Lyons – CEO of The Stakeholder Company based in Singapore, oversees the company’s global work supporting companies in the mining, oil and gas, agro-food, transport, ICT and finance sectors. He has 17 years’ experience in corporate communications and public affairs working across Asia, Europe and the U.S and previously headed Microsoft’s global stakeholder engagement strategy.

He has worked with many Fortune 500 companies such as ExxonMobil, Nokia and HP to help them better manage their reputation and stakeholder engagement programs. He holds a Bachelor of Laws from Murdoch University and is a graduate of various professional programs at the Kellogg School of Management and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business. He is admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
TSC merges advanced data analytics software with big data solutions to solve big business challenges. These turn big data into smart data to map, mine and monitor complex business environments, issues, the key stakeholders and their positions, influence and interests. This reduces business risk exposure and increases business opportunity across market access strategies, regulatory value at stake and external engagement.

TSC is a unique, cross-disciplinary team from the fields of analytics, mathematical algorithms, CRM specialists, computer scientists and software and visualization engineers led by senior business leaders. TSC is headquartered in Singapore and operates in 27 countries supporting more than 17 multinationals and $100b+ of business.
TSC serves many of the World’s best companies, across multiple sectors (oil and gas, mining, finance, food and beverage, ICT) on some of their most challenging activities (from London to Qatar, Papua New Guinea to Western Australia and Brazil right up to the Arctic circle).

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