Exabytes’ Women Entrepreneur Platform Sees 60 Aspiring Women Share Impact Ideas

Singapore, 15 September 2023 – The realm of female empowerment across Southeast Asia is showing encouraging trends. The 3rd edition of Exabytes’ Accelerate Women Entrepreneurship with Exabytes (AWEWE) 2023 saw over 60 attendees participate and discuss ways to bridge the digital divide among women-led businesses on 12 September 2023 at Palms Bistro.

Exabytes is a leading Southeast Asian All-in-one Business, Cloud, Digital and Ecommerce solutions provider.

Jointly organised by SheLeadsTech and ISACA, The Accelerate Women Entrepreneurship With Exabytes (AWEWE) 2023 connected budding local entrepreneurs with global women-in-tech to exchange learnings and insights

The half-day conference featured panel discussions led by female role models and impactful women leaders from global companies including Google and Keppel Corporation to tackle challenges in bridging gender divide in the workplace, and share how female entrepreneurs can future-proof their businesses in the digital age

Participants got to walk away with S$5,000 worth AWEWE Digital Toolkit consisting of exclusive digital assets and resource tools

Its last instalment, Exabytes’ AWEWE 2022 empowered 600 women entrepreneurs across Singapore and Malaysia with the opportunity to build their online presence with the help of a series of digital courses and tools.

In line with the 2023 UN Women’s theme of DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality, this year’s half-day conference brought together leading female role models in Singapore to tackle challenges in bridging gender divide in the workplace, life and career goals, and share how local female entrepreneurs can future-proof their businesses in the digital age.

Supported by SG Women In Tech, Digital For Life, the Infocomm Media Development Authority, EasyParcel, dailyCMO, LEAD, The Levelled Field, Faio Creatives, H.E.R Entrepreneur, Hashtags and PolarisHub, the conference saw a positive reception across its forums, panel discussions, and talks led by industry leaders from Google Workspace, LARK, Acronis and more.

“I was honoured to share my 2-cents worth regarding skills needed in a digital age, with a room full of superwomen – many of whom are entrepreneurs, community builders, movement founders, female role models and successful professionals whom I deeply admire. Together, we dreamt. Together, we laughed. Together, we connected.” – Yinghui Xu, Google

The entire event was immensely rewarding, especially hearing from seasoned female leaders. Their blend of confidence, grace, and humility sets a remarkable example and I aspire to fully realise these characteristics myself some day. – Faith Lim, Co-Founder of Faio Creatives

It served as a reminder that imposter syndrome, fear, or self-doubt are challenges we all face regardless of the seasons we are in. But when we overcome these obstacles, we can truly grow. – Katherine Lu, Web & Digital Project Consultant

“We saw AWEWE 2023 as an opportunity to break down the barriers that prevent women entrepreneurs from achieving their full potential. Through providing them with the right tools, resources, and mentorship they need to succeed, we have created a much more inclusive and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially in the Southeast Asian region. AWEWE 2023 is a testament of our initiative in bringing women business leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts together in a conducive and supportive space. ” said Mr Chan Kee Siak, Founder and CEO of Exabytes Group.

The conference rounded off with the introduction of AWEWE’s specially designed Digital Toolkit, along with a lunch and networking session with food. In line with AWEWE 2023’s agenda of sharing new knowledge and resources, the Digital Toolkit is also now available to all female entrepreneurs via www.exabytes.sg/awewe.

Mr Chan Kee Siak adds, “In keeping with the push for equity, the Digital Toolkit was designed to be both a launch pad and a scaffold for female entrepreneurs in the region. Not only does it offer excellent resources and tools to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey, but it will also offer long-term guidance and support, to allow women to pursue their goals beyond the conference, and beyond International Women’s Day.”

He concluded, “The Accelerate Women Entrepreneurship With Exabytes (AWEWE) initiative will continue to grow with the many inspiring and impactful friendships we have made thus far; aligned with our mission of helping women entrepreneurs to grow in the digital era and bridging the digital divide. Stay tuned to www.exabytes.sg/awewe as we work towards revealing an even grander AWEWE get together in 2024!”