Aquion Appointed as Azul Distributor for Australia and New Zealand

SYDNEY, July 9, 2024 – Aquion, a renowned value-added software distributor, has been named as the new distributor for Azul in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). This strategic partnership aims to provide key regional value-added resellers with greater access to Azul’s Java solutions, supporting ANZ organizations in their search for a stable and secure alternative to Oracle Java SE.

Azul is a leading company dedicated entirely to Java, offering solutions to major business challenges such as lowering Java software licensing costs, reducing cloud computing expenses, and enhancing application performance and developer productivity. As part of Azul’s PartnerConnect Program, Aquion will leverage its extensive network to ensure that organizations across various industries in ANZ gain access to Azul’s solutions and necessary support for their Java-related decisions.

The timing of this partnership aligns with growing global concerns over the increasing costs of Java software. The State of Java Survey & Report 2023, a study involving 2,000 Java professionals, revealed that 98% of businesses use Java in their software or infrastructure, with 82% expressing concern over recent pricing hikes and policy changes implemented by Oracle. Unlike Oracle, which charges based on the number of employees, Azul offers a cost-effective alternative, providing a stable and compatible Java runtime at typically 70% less cost.

Azul’s flagship product, Azul Platform Prime, enhances Java application performance and consistency while reducing cloud costs by up to 20%. The company also offers Azul Intelligence Cloud, an analytics solution that boosts developer productivity by providing actionable insights from production Java runtime data.

Dean Vaughan, Vice President of Asia Pacific at Azul, stated, “We are thrilled to partner with Aquion to expand our distribution and deepen our commitment in the valuable ANZ region. This partnership comes at a crucial time as enterprises are actively seeking more cost-efficient Java runtime alternatives.”

Simon Taylor, Vice President of Global Channel Partners at Azul, added, “Aquion is an ideal partner for our business development and distribution needs in the ANZ region. Their extensive network will help us forge new partner relationships and expand our reach.”

Audrey Lyon, Head of Strategic Business Development at Aquion, emphasized the importance of this partnership, saying, “With the rising costs of operating a digital enterprise, providing stable and proven Java solutions enables Australian and New Zealand organizations to achieve their digitalization goals and drive innovation.”

This collaboration is set to enhance the availability of cost-effective Java solutions in ANZ, providing significant benefits to businesses looking to optimize their software and infrastructure investments.