Luxe Digital decodes digital for luxury professionals

Singapore, January 10, 2018 — Singapore-based award-winning luxury digital marketing agency mOOnshot digital launches new media brand Luxe Digital. The online media publication explores the ever-pressing need for a successful digital transformation of the luxury industry and acts as an insightful source of authority for marketing professionals and decision-makers.

$1.42 trillion global luxury market remains one of the slowest industries to adopt digital. New digitalfirst brands are taking market shares from established luxury companies. Traditional luxury brands struggle to connect with their affluent Millennials and Generation Z consumers. This is particularly true on mobile and social media.
New media publication Luxe Digital is helping luxury and marketing professionals navigate the digital transformation of their industry.

“I’m thrilled to launch Luxe Digital and take luxury leaders through a journey of digital innovation and empowerment.” says Florine Eppe Beauloye, Co-Founder and Editor-in-chief of Luxe Digital. “The luxury sector has been underserved; There was clearly a gap in the market for a comprehensive, timeless, professional guide to digital for luxury, and Luxe Digital is our answer to it.”

With a team of experienced copywriters, academics, digital and luxury insiders, Luxe Digital publishes high-quality content aimed at professionals working in the luxury industry. Interviews with thought leaders, market research, and report papers will help luxury executives stay relevant in the digital economy.