Taking education delivery to next level with practical exposure to students

Dr. N.K. Dutta, Founder and Principal – Miles Bronson Residential School

From his early childhood, Dr.Dutta was passionate about reading books. Born and brought up in a middle class family under the strict guidance of his parents, he developed a keen interest in studies. He was an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) aspirant but his career took a turn after the completion of his Masters Degree in History from Kirorimal College, Delhi University.  Coming back to Assam he decided to start a complete boarding school. During those days there were no complete boarding schools in Assam and for all the best facilities, there was a hankering for the elite residential schools in Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

Started with only 17 students, Miles Bronson Residential School (MBRS) surged with demand of students and the need for more space very soon. The School was shifted to Beltola in 1990 with 98 students. Initially it started functioning with two buildings, but extended to include nine buildings all under lease or rent. In the next 10 years, the student capacity increased remarkably in between 1990-2002 and it stood at 240 resident students. In 2002, MBRS shifted to its permanent complex at Borjhar and the student’s intake has swelled to its maximum present intake capacity.

His interest to provide holistic education to every student in a boarding environment especially from Assam and its neighborhood urged him to give its complete shape in the year 1987. He had been always passionate to impart quality education so that his students become dynamic agents of social change and development.

Dr. Dutta holds a Masters in Education and Bachelor in Law from Gauhati University. He has done his PhD in History from Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune. Team ABT reached out to Dr. Dutta to know more about his journey of setting up a small school to growing it to one of the leading residential schools in north-east India, today.

Who is your inspiration and why?
My all time inspiration is my father who taught be discipline and resilience. Regarding my career choice, my inspiration is Dr. Miles Bronson (1812-1883), a Baptist Missionary and lexicographer who compiled and published the first Assamese Dictionary “Asomiya Abhidhan” (1867). I was inspired by this Baptist Missionary’s vision and selfless dedication for the people of Assam. As a true citizen, I felt I should also take the responsibility to contribute in the fields of education in Assam

What led you in setting up a Residential School?
The motivation to open a Residential School came from Delhi University when I first came across students from other boarding schools as my classmates and seniors. I was very impressed by their all-round personality.

How would you describe your leadership style?
 I believe a successful leader is one who is influential, is positive about his goals and work by taking each and every member of the team into his confidence. A leader must set an example to others. Perseverance, persistence and commitment are the qualities that help to strive and achieve. I believe in democratic leadership, the team members should work with the leader and not under the leader.

What are some ways you have dealt with any one challenge, and how did you find the solution?
One of the major challenges that I came across was responding to every different requirements of children because of the different background that they come from. To me the only solution to this was to educate myself professionally in the field of education, gain experience in managing boarding schools and take up innovation measures in pedagogy so that MBRS stands apart and different in providing quality education and best pastoral care to the children.

Tell us about your most cherished milestone.
The most cherished milestone is acquiring a suitable plot of land of 28 acres near Lokopriyo Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport and shifting the school from its rented premises in April 2002. Now I feel humble to state that MBRS is consistently ranked amongst the Top 20 Co-ed boarding schools. This year we are conferred with the Education World Grand Jury Award 2017-18, India’s 1st Position for Extraordinary Leadership and with the prestigious Principal of the Year Award on the occasion of Scoonews Global Educators Fest 2017.

What would you like to achieve in coming years?
In the coming years, we are hoping to take MBRS to the next level with the introduction of Skill and STEAM Lab that would facilitate both the faculty and the students in their journey of education. Also the construction of Indoor Stadium and auditorium is under process. The school has a wide range of facilities from state-of-the-art infrastructure to academic focused and child centric education. It provides platform for national and international level games and sports training and participation in competitions. It’s a matter of pride that our alumni have become responsible citizens as Doctors, Engineers, IITians, Academicians in prestigious Colleges and Universities of India and abroad. I pray in the coming years I am able to produce more such responsible citizens who carry values rooted to their culture and tradition.