India’s First VR-based Edu-Tech Startup Revolutionises Education Landscape

Mumbai (February 22, 2024) – Counselling Shortcuts is India’s first VR-based ed-tech startup, which is reshaping the country’s educational landscape by creating immersive learning experiences. This is a revolutionary vision that promises to transcend the conventional norms of learning, and turn it upside down.

The technical education sector has seen robust growth in recent years. According to reports, the Indian ed-tech market is expected to reach $ 10.4 billion by 2025, owing to increased online learning options that have materialised thanks to technological advancements which were propagated further as a result of the limitations imposed on physical movements during the Covid pandemic.

According to the company’s website, Counselling Shortcuts aims “at making education so affordable and accessible that no one ever feels deprived to get educated”. The firm’s innovation lies in its use of VR-based educational offerings, which is a first for any Indian startup. By giving priority to an education-centric model instead of a business-centric model, Counselling Shortcuts is making education accessible to all.

This forward-thinking outlook has even caught the eye of Startup India, the central government’s initiative that is focused on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

The company offers a variety of customised programmes that meet the specific needs of learners, including personalised one-on-one classes in academics, public speaking, and creative writing, as well as the opportunity to participate in debates and talent Olympiads and even to create their own podcasts. Having gone through the programmes at Counseling Shortcuts, students will be equipped with the skills needed for success in todays’ world, and have the ability to adapt to an evolving future as well.

Their model is simple; Counseling Shortcuts uses virtual reality to deliver top-notch educational experiences to students anywhere in the world. Using just a headset and an Internet connection, they can choose from a faculty of teachers and attend a variety of classes as well as guest lectures conducted by industry leaders, and collaborate and work with other students from across the globe. Even field trips are featured in this model, making learning even more immersive, practical and meaningful.

All enrolled students gain access to an extensive library of learning materials, anywhere, at any time. Over the course of the programme, students can also face practice sessions and mock interviews to strengthen their performance at practical examinations and vivas. With additional counselling support, Counseling Shortcuts helps students locate their dream placements for internships and fast track their careers by going into new jobs fast.
Among the many benefits that are to be gleaned from a VR-based learning model, the fact that it is capable of bringing the best of many worlds together, and doing so effectively further highlights the importance and need for such an approach, especially in the developing world where resources are often of limited accessibility to all.

While creating a substantial impact on the education sphere with its innovative use of VR technology, Counselling Shortcuts further reimagines the role that technology can play in learning. The founders’ vision is to set new standards for tech education, that go well beyond the bounds of India, by being inclusive, immersive, and interactive; thereby integrating technology into the learning process like never before.