Swiss Firm Acronis Launches New Solution for Managed Services

SINGAPORE, October 03, 2023 – Swiss tech company Acronis announced the launch of Acronis Advanced Automation, which aims to help Managed Service Providers (MSP) to move from being basic break-fix services to cloud-centric, subscription-based services that will need a new approach to contract management and billing.

Acronis Advanced Automation is presented as a solution for both small and midsized MSPs worldwide to streamline their business processes using centralised control and management services, complete tracking and staff utilisation capabilities, and automated billing. The platform allows organisations to see a complete dashboard of their business, including contracts, delivery, tickets, and work items, maximising revenue and improving client trust.

“New use cases for native automation solutions continue to emerge in the IT industry and Acronis offers a product that allows MSPs around the world to automate their operations and make better, data-driven decisions. Whether emerging as a startup or evolving to maturity, Acronis Advanced Automation helps service providers control and grow their managed service business,” said Patrick Pulvermueller, CEO at Acronis. “We’re excited to continue bringing new, innovative automation tools to our Cyber Protect Cloud solution and help MSPs expand their businesses.”

The capabilities that have been built in to the platform aim to help users;

• Increase efficiency, by reducing manual effort by automating routine tasks and streamlining workflows, allowing employees to focus on more high-value activities.
• Reduce friction in business operations, by simplifying subscription-based support services.
• Improve productivity, via a single platform that manages customer data, projects, and billing, enabling users to deliver more effective and efficient services to their clients.
• Enhance both customer and employee satisfaction, by improving interactions with the MSP’s clients, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction
• Increase profitability, due to the reduction in manual efforts.

President of Racom Business Alex Presman said of the platform: “Acronis Advanced Automation has automated our invoicing process. We love how it ties in with QuickBooks and makes transferring invoices and data so easy. Automating these time-consuming billing processes allows our team to spend more time on important business procedures like engaging clients and building value-based relationships,” he added.