Launches GIVEcards

SINGAPORE, December 29, 2021 – recently launched a brand-new, innovative product, that allows individuals to purchase gift cards which can then be gifted to any cause or charity listed on

This product is born from a dedication that the team has to ensuring that everyone across Asia and beyond has the chance to help those in need, or be helped.

GIVEcards can be purchased through the website and topped up with any sum of funds. The GIVEcard can then be sent to any email address and redeemed at any point, to any cause.

Chief of Kindness, Dennis Yeo, comments, “In the lead up to the festive period, we wanted to create a concept that could be incorporated into the sense of giving that we see at this time of year. We are proud to launch this product which is not only a wonderful gift idea for loved ones, but also a responsible and sustainable option as we look to protect our planet.”

Anyone can purchase a GIVEcard, and anyone can receive and redeem one, no matter where they are located in the world. There are over 700 charities and hundreds of individual campaigns that the GIVEcard can be directed to.