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Charlotte Mizuki , Owner – LifeSparksStudio, Singapore

Charlotte, owner of LifeSparks Studio and creator of TEMPOfiit is an enthusiastic and inspiring woman. She has been a high achiever and excelled in her career as a financial manager. For her, with success came disadvantages in the form of late working hours, increased weight, depression and loss of self esteem because of increased weight and that’s when she decided to do something about her health and lifestyle.

“I successfully lost 20kg, not only found back my confidence but beyond what I expected. I got promoted twice in that same year, found passion in fitness and become a certified fitness coach”, says Charlotte.

In 2012, she took a leap of faith by quitting her 9-5 job and went on to set up her own fitness studio- LifeSparks Studio. Her passion lies to help those women who feel like they are walking the weight loss journey alone. Over the years she has been trained in more than 10 different fitness programs and now she is a lifestyle coach providing one to one consultation. She thrives to make the studio a place where clients find their passion, dreams and self. Their slogan describes her studio in the best way-  “We start your journey, You create Miracle”

Here are some more insights about Charlotte Mizuki and LifeSparks Studio shared with the team of ABT.

Who inspires you the most? Why?
My mother. She is one tough woman who worked her whole life for the family. She taught me to be passionate about the things we do and always share with people because that’s how we can go far and long in business or people to people relationships.

Tell us about the journey of “Life Sparks Studio” and its growth.
LifeSparks Studio established since Feb 2012 has been through high and low tides as we started off as one of the first few boutique studio providing only Zumba Fitness classes when this program started its craze in Singapore. Back then, marketing was tough as we are a new player in the fitness industry, no one knows us and the program – Zumba Fitness was like an alien to everyone. But we managed to establish ourselves very quickly within the year through LifeSparks Studio unique business model which allows flexibility, no contract, affordable studio passes for our clients. Today, we have over 20 programs offered to both our studio clients as well as corporate clients across Singapore. In March 2017, we started our own home-grown Singapore brand – TEMPOfiit program, helping more clients get into the healthier lifestyle in a fun, interactive and easy-to-follow workout routine in just under 30 min. It will be made available online from Jan 2018. TEMPOfiit is also a platform for keen individuals who wish to start on a fitness career and earn some extra income as certified trainers. We started with 3 certified trainers in Singapore with upcoming certification course in Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Could you elaborate about your Leadership Style?
 I would think my style is more of a “Transformational Leadership” as I believe in sharing my vision and dream to with my followers, clients, coaches and employees. When they can see our common goals and how they can contribute in their areas of expertise/ability, it enables the whole team to walk together faster and stronger and they can see themselves one day being an inspiration to others too.

What is that one milestone in your life that makes you happy and proud?
My greatest milestone in my life has to be my achievement in shedding 20kg, which turns my life around –  not just being healthier, slimmer and prettier but also unleashed my potential – apart from being just a 9-5 employee, becomes a fitness coach, an entrepreneur, business owner and now a lifestyle coach to many of the women out there who need to see their own potential. “Everything is Possible as the word itself say I.M.Possible”

What according to you is the purpose of Fitness in our daily life?
The purpose of fitness in our daily life is like a primary source of energy to start our day and a constant reminder on how we should live our lives. To me, it promotes self-discipline, confidence, accountability and consistent growth beyond our capability.

What would you like to achieve in coming years?
I would like to take home-grown Singapore brand -TEMPOfiit across South East Asia to train more people who are passionate to start a fitness career and also bringing people closer together through the program; keeping fit, staying healthy and achieving the body and life they have been always dreaming of into reality.

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