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During our pre-fall appointments this week, Roomeur, a new contemporary ready-to-wear label with a luxe twist, caught our eye. The brainchild of designers and longtime friends Hagit Kassif (formerly of DVF) and Omer Poizner (formerly of Elie Tahari), the New York-based brand combines tailored garments with geometric embroidery and vibrant prints. Pre-fall 2013 marks the design duo’s first collection, and they looked to Frida Kahlo, whom they say has a “powerful persona that blends the boundaries of gender,” for inspiration. The influence of the artist’s signature fusion of masculine and feminine was apparent in clean collared shirts, blazers paired with cigarette trousers, and brocade shorts suits. “We tried to imagine her time in New York City and how it might have been if she was here now,” said the designers. One could imagine a quilted black wrap skirt and floral top making the rounds on the streets of Manhattan. Ditto for a black cocktail dress with a single off-white sleeve. Kassif and Poizner have already started working on their second collection. Apparently, for Fall 2013, they plan to send Kahlo to outer space.

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