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“There’s something fundamentally hippie-dippy about us,” said cloak designer Lindsey Thornburg last night at the opening of she and Some Odd Rubies designers Ruby Canner and Summer Phoenix’s new Lower East Side store. “We just accept it. It’s always going to be there.”

Indeed, the trio’s new shop, which, appropriately named One One Four, is nestled on 114 Stanton Street, has its bohemian elements, like vintage dressing screens, raw wood floors, and racks that hang from braided fabric. And it would seem that, considering Thornburg was raised between Montana and Colorado and Canner was brought up on a commune in Tennessee, the boutique’s cool, rural accents, like animal skulls on display tables, pink roses in old water jugs, and a rusted metal lamp in the shape of a peace sign, stem from the designers’ childhood memories. “It’s earthy and institutional!” jokes Canner, who met Thornburg back in 2003.

The store carries pieces from ready-to-wear label In Residence, sunglasses by Thierry Lasry, shoes from Pointer, and a host of unusual albeit covetable jewelry. But naturally, the main event is its founders collections. Walking by a rack displaying her fall range among Some Odd Rubies’ reimagined vintage wares, Thornburg noted that she found the inspiration for her herringbone alpaca capes and tribal-print dresses during a recent safari in Africa. The sage that burned while shoppers perused the store’s offerings was a token from her trip, too. “I picked it in Botswana while watching hippopotamuses,” she said. Next on Thornburg’s travel radar? A holiday yoga retreat in Big Sur. She’s not sure if she’ll return with anything for the shop. Rather, she hopes to pick up a keepsake of another sort. “I’m just planning on bringing back some clarity.”

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