Oddle becomes Singapore’s First Free-to-use Reservation System for Local F&B Businesses

SINGAPORE, October 6, 2021 – More than just an online ordering platform, Oddle has launched an all-new reservation system to support F&B merchants in these challenging times.

Launched in September 2021, the all-new free-to-use reservation system allows F&B merchants to enjoy more cost-savings with advanced features such as table management. With dine-in restrictions that kicked in on 27 September, restaurants will no doubt face a surge in reservations. This feature benefits restaurants, easing management of reservations, all whilst meeting the increased demand for seats.

In turn, the waitstaff can be freed up to handle other duties, thereby increasing overall productivity. With the replacing of order taking by hand, human error can also be minimised. This contactless ordering process also gives diners greater peace of mind when they dine out. Besides the free-to-use reservation system, F&B merchants will also get free access to Oddle’s QR-code ordering platform.

“As a restaurant-first organisation, Oddle believes in investing in innovation that will bring benefits to our merchants,” says Jonathan Lim, founder of Oddle. “As part of our Online-To-Offline (O2O) mission, we aim to help restaurants bring offline customers online and online customers offline. Within the first month of our launch, we already saw 300 restaurants sign up for the reservation system, including YUN NANS, Lai Haut Signatures, Tsukada Nojo, Orchid Live Seafood and Pizza Express, among others. By using Oddle’s offerings, the restaurants have enjoyed cost-savings of a few thousand dollars annually.“

Empowering the F&B industry through innovation and partnerships

Since the start of Singapore’s circuit breaker in 2020, Oddle has helped more than 1,500 merchants ranging from single mom-and-pop stores, local chains like Paradise Group and Jumbo Group, as well as Michelin-starred restaurants like Odette, and Michelin Plate Keng Eng Kee pivot online. Oddle has also partnered with financial institutions such as UOB, Citibank, DBS and Mastercard to co-fund the restaurant promotions, bringing in sizable promotion funding for the restaurants for the upcoming month of October.

Oddle also stays ahead of the curve by being the first online food delivery platform to:

  • Give merchants ownership of their consumer data
  • Focus on helping merchants grow organic sales
  • Provide merchants a holistic ecosystem with a full suite of integrated solutions, which include:
    • F&B-centric ecommerce
    • Integrated delivery support and management
    • Free digital marketing support
    • Consumers fronting marketplace with 0% additional commission (Oddle Eats)
    • Free Reservation system with table management
    • Free QR self ordering system

Consumer-fronting marketplace with 0% additional commission Oddle also launched Oddle Eats in June 2020 as an additional free-to-use awareness and sales channel for its F&B merchants. Offering islandwide delivery, Oddle Eats currently has over 1 million users on its platform, allowing them to discover restaurants and order directly from. The brand has also launched its mobile app in August 2021, alongside new campaigns that are beneficial for both F&B merchants and consumers. The National Day S$56 bundles saw participation from 150 merchants. On 30 September 2021, Oddle Eats also rolled out a “Home-based Learning Curated Meals” to support busy parents as they juggle their work and familial commitments during the Stabilisation Phase. So far, approximately 60 merchants (and growing) have come onboard with affordable family bundle deals for 4 to 6 pax ranging from just $50.