WadzPay Worldwide Appoints Ram Chari as Board Member and Director

Ram Chari, WadzPay Worldwide

SINGAPORE, August 3, 2021 – WadzPay Worldwide  (WWPL) has announced the appointment of Ram Chari as a board member and director. Ram will be responsible for developing the product, strategizing the commercialization and the relevance of the regional expansion infrastructure with a defined focus on strategic vision and insight at the board level.

Ram has outstanding experience in payments business models, software and technology scaling and deep expertise on new and existing market commercialization with exposure to a different markets in Asia Pacific-Japan, Turkey, Middle East Africa and North Americas. Ram has held various leadership and roles in multinational organizations, namely Director of American Express, CEO of Network International, CEO of MasterCard Payment Technologies, President & COO of Financial Software and Systems (FSS), and currently COO Magnati LLC. Ram also holds board/advisory positions in several FinTech, startups and scaling organizations.

“Ram is an industry pioneer helping to redefine payments infrastructure globally, he is the perfect addition to our board, and his track record has been proven over 30 years of experience in various market and regional roles across the world. We look forward to working together to accelerate our strategy in building and scaling seamless payment digital platforms,” said Anish Jain, Managing Director and CEO, WadzPay.

Ram has extensive exposure to various business sectors such as logistics, banking, travel, financial services, BPO and technology. Over the past ten years, he has developed enormous working relationships with regional and global private equity and investors in operating and identifying investments and raising capital. Ram has provided strategic thinking, strong governance to maximize company value.

“WadzPay has created a scalable blockchain-based payment system which is market leading and a front runner in enabling a platform that connects the old and the new world of digital enablement of payment that is interoperable, robust and scalable. It’s just the starting point that enables breakthrough for frictionless and scalable use cases, including addressing the financial inclusion challenges,” said Ram Chari.