HR Tech Startup, JobKred, Partners SNEF to Launch Unique Training Analysis Program

JobKred SNEF

SINGAPORE, May 22, 2021 – JobKred, a Singapore-based AI-powered workforce transformation startup, is proud to announce its partnership with the Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) to launch a first-of-its-kind 90-Day Training Needs Analysis (TNA) programme, in conjunction with the commemoration of SNEF’s 40th anniversary. With the need to rethink and reshape the future of work in this current economic climate, this programme aims to help employers be nimble and embrace new ideas to transform their workplace.

Since its inception in 2014, JobKred has become a leader in Skills Intelligence software that accelerates business and workforce transformation, enables employees to receive personalised career development insights and empowers crucial HR decisions for organisations all over the world, by embracing a data-driven and predictive-trend analytics approach. In tackling unemployment which remains high at 4.2% in 1Q 2021, this streamlined TNA programme will support local employers and member companies of SNEF with human capital and business transformation, as well as human resources digitisation efforts. This will be achieved through job redesign, adopting digital technologies and taking on new ways of work as well as enabling companies to rapidly create and operationalise their competency frameworks to reduce retrenchment rates and extend their business life cycles, even beyond COVID-19.

“Supporting companies and individuals to better prepare for the future has been our mission since the beginning. We are excited about the opportunity to work with such a committed and passionate partner like SNEF, to solve the biggest challenges being faced by employers and workers in various industries today,” said Gary Gan, CEO and Co-Founder of JobKred.

The 90-Day TNA programme is powered by JobKred’s Skills Profiling Report for Enterprise (SPRE) platform which has been recently recognised by Singapore Business Review as the winner of the 2021 Technology Excellence Awards Computer Software Category. Harnessing the power of AI and Big Data, JobKred’s SPRE platform enables enterprises to quickly and effectively use a data-driven approach to view their human capital capabilities at a glance, identify organisational skill gaps, and assess training requirements.

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Robert Yap Chin Kok, President of SNEF and Executive Chairman of YCH Group, said, “SNEF recognises that this is one of the most challenging periods for our member companies and Singapore’s economy. Therefore, we have made it a priority to contribute via this national initiative, to address Singapore’s manpower issues. We believe that speed is essential to help companies quickly adjust and adapt before it’s too late. We are glad to have found such a suitable partner, JobKred, who has the technology and experience to work with us in this area of business and workforce transformation.” 

With an established pool of member companies on SNEF, such as Panasonic, Sakae Holdings, and Philips Electronics, and a reputable client pool on JobKred, including Fortune 500 enterprises, Singapore Government agencies and World Bank, the two organisations aim to onboard 100 companies to the programme over a 1-year period. SNEF and JobKred are ultimately committed to combining their industry expertise and technology capabilities to help companies and employees rate and close Skills Gaps as well as identifying a new direction in the post-pandemic economy.