Pioneer in Innovative field force management solutions

Mr. Ramanan Subramani, Chief Sales & Marketing officer – Spoors

Spoors, established in April, 2013 is a unique player in the enterprise activity management space and India’s leading Technology Company. Ever since its inception, Spoors has been constantly innovating solutions by putting CIOs and CXOs business needs as a key catalyst and has built the solution that evolved from a Tracking and Monitoring solution to a Field Force Service Management, to a complete Enterprise Activity Management and Automation toolkit. From years of industry specific research, knowledge and experience, Spoors has delivered the best solutions to its clients and empowered organizations with a comprehensive field force management solution using cloud and mobility that optimizes overall business operations and maximises field productivity.

Spoors product EFFORT (Effortless Field Force Optimization and Reporting Toolkit) makes it simple for organizations to configure, manage and report field force activities. The self-serving portals, robust engines, best practice platforms, powerful tools and user friendly dashboards enable to manage businesses of large volumes and sizes with much ease and confidence. EFFORT enables managers, Service providers, back office employees and field agents to access the application seamlessly to implement work flow activities across the organization and bring transparency, efficiency and accountability to field operations.

Spoors has qualified and skilled workforce of over 50 amazing professionals, who are technologically proficient and innovative. With highly effective industry experience, innovative technical skills, empowering vision, and out-of-the-box thinking, the management of Spoors has been able to deliver the product EFFORT to over 120 customers in 10 verticals, 5 countries with 20,000 plus users performing millions of activities verticals and leading corporate such as GoIbibo, Redbus, Airtel, Authbridge, Hello Health, Mahindra Finance, L&T Finance, Reliance and so on. . Spoors offers one solution for all at a price that puts most competition way behind in price parity.

Mr. Ramanan Subramani – Chief Sales & Marketing officer at Spoors, is a Data Analysis Enthusiast with a flair for engagement strategy, experience design and consumer behaviour. He has completed his education from renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management. Mr. Subramani shares more insights from his his journey with Spoors below.

Who is your greatest inspiration & why?
My greatest inspiration has been Steve Jobs. He is someone who has influenced the world in ways people can only imagine. He has not only created beautiful and intelligent products but has in the process changed perspectives on product design, service, marketing, customer experience and even life! Closely following his footsteps is Elon Musk who is also a great influence in my life. Someone who tells people to have dreams that is untethered!

Tell us more about your professional journey
I started my career as a writer and then went on to become a technologist and then took a plunge into the digital marketing/branding world. My journey has straddled multiple domains, technologies and markets leaving me with rich learnings but an inquisitiveness to learn more. I think it all started when I chanced upon “Interpretation of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud. This left me a vivid yearning to understand why people do what they do, how they are motivated, etc. This also paved the way for me to sign up for a PhD program, although eventually gave this up as I felt an experiential journey in the corporate world would benefit me more. I was particularly interested researching markets and understanding consumers and their behaviour.

Tell us about Spoors & the business model, why is it a unique value proposition?
Spoors is quite a unique player in the enterprise activity management space. Putting CIOs and CXOs business needs ideasthatmatter-1as a key catalyst, Spoors has built the solution that evolved from a Tracking and Monitoring solution to a Field Force Service Management, to a complete Enterprise Activity Management and Automation toolkit. While the platform fits seamlessly into any domain functionally, we have not compromised on its capability to accommodate any number of users. None of these factors have been a reason of concern for our customers till date. We offer one solution for all at a price that puts most competition way behind us in price parity.

Productivity comes at a cost. It comes at the cost of investing one’s interest and in channelizing the efforts towards productivity which in turn translates to business success. Hence we have priced our entire feature bundle (and any future feature updates) at a compelling cost per user per month. Guest what? What an executive would spend on a Starbucks coffee is what he/she would spend for an entire month of productivity on our platform.

Did you manage to raise any funding?
We have a set of Angels who have invested in us in the past. We are currently raising funds to scale our operations, offerings and also expand the GEOs we operate in.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to doing business?
What I had personally liked about our CEO – C. Rama Krishna Reddy is that he mandates the philosophy of “Sell only what we have”. In businesses, most often than not sales executives are encouraged to sell features and technologies that don’t even exist. But with us we already have several features that we in fact underplay in an effort to surprise our customers pleasantly and to not intimidate them. And as a policy we are transparent and believe in telling our customers upfront about elements that we can or cannot achieve. But as they say, Honesty is the best policy and our 120+ customers are testimony to this fact.

What are your expectations from the Industry in 2017?
The Mobile revolution is influencing the decisions of many businesses irrespective of B2B or B2C sectors. It is turning out to becoming a super-computing device that can be accessed by all anytime anywhere. We feel that not many companies are in fact poised ably help people, companies, processes to be seamlessly automated with a low impact on work and costs. Spoors is, in fact poised to help companies do just that and we expect that the industry will also evolve in embracing these solutions from niche players like us. And when we say industry we talk about almost all domains and not just any select technology.

What would you like to achieve in the next 3 years?
150+ employees, 15 countries, The Go-To Enterprise Activity Mgmt. Solution for any domain!