Wonderful Indonesia promoted in Qatar

The Indonesian Embassy in Doha, Qatar, has promoted the countrys tourism brand “Wonderful Indonesia” by introducing its culinary richness to mark the 40th anniversary of the two countries diplomatic ties. (Antaranews)

The event to promote Indonesias traditional snacks featuring the culinary richness of different ethnic groups was attended by representatives of the diplomatic corps in Doha, the embassys spokesperson Boy Dharmawan informed ANTARA News.

Several snacks served to the guests were Ketan Srikaya, sweet custard with sticky rice; gethuk cake, traditional snack made from cassava; onde-onde, glutinous rice flour balls; wajik sticky rice; jalangkote, fried pie filled with chicken; Lemper, steamed sticky rice cake with beef or chicken; and apem, rice flour cakes, he remarked.

“The cakes served are delicious,” Thai Ambassadors wife Benj Chaiyindeepum said when asked to comment on the taste of the served snacks. Benj was one of the 16 spouses of ambassadors of different countries in Qatars capital city who attended the event, he added.

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