Building High-Impact brand stories

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Minal D’rozario, Co Founder, Ideosphere

An alumnus of Xavier’s Institute of Communications with an advanced Certification from Stanford University, Minal D’rozario’s love for communications, more specifically storytelling, started very early. She plunged into this world of amazement 5 years ago with a complete stranger for a business partner (but equally passionate about building a strong brand) and just one dream — To be an entrepreneur!

As the Co-Founder of Ideosphere Consulting Private Limited ( and Head Contributor at Ourbit Marketing & Communications Pvt. Ltd. (the Social Media division of the group), Minal’s vision has been simple: to create impact-full brand stories.  Her role is a lot more demanding and exciting as apart from being able to create and provide strategic expertise impacting the business, she is responsible for creating the right perceptions, engaging conversations and evoking impact across brands.

With previous stints in Cadbury’s India, Ogilvy One, Hanmer & Partners (now MS&L); Kidstuff Promos & Events (Mudra Group); Banyan International – Dubai and Genesis BursonMarsteller, she created a strong foundation in terms of skill set and values, but the passion and energy was manifested with the birth of Ideosphere.

Ideosphere was founded in 2011 along with Aniruddha Bhagwat with the sole objective of introducing insight based communication. “The ability to understand consumer behaviour and their effect on communication is a value that I bring on board and through which I help structure and form our numerous award winning brand stories”, says Minal.

Over the last 15 odd years of extensive and diverse experience, across sectors, her love for storytelling and communications, in general, has not only deepened but has also been supplemented with a very clear and rounded understanding of businesses — their cycles, processes and more importantly their non-divorceable relationship with consumers. A mother of a 7 year old son and being able to manage and learn something new between her personal and professional life with the same zest, is the high that Minal achieves every day. When not working, she explores and learns through new life experiences with her son and has great interest in knowing about different cuisines & culture.

High point in career

“After having been for a long in the communication industry the high point was when I decided to take the entrepreneurial plunge with a complete stranger, the biggest risk at that point of time in my career, Just starting everything from scratch to being able to see it unfold as a strong organisation now has been immensely satisfying experience.”

Most challenging assignment so far

“Setting up the events division for Mudra, in a market like Gujarat when I was 24 years old, was the most challenging assignment I have ever undertaken. Coming from a grounding and work culture of metro cities of Mumbai and Delhi, it took me a while to understand and adapt to the work culture of what was a largely family run business market at the time. Compound this with the first two quarters of zero business, my confidence and motivation was at its absolute low. At this juncture this interesting conversation with a consultant made me realise that I was approaching it all wrong. From there on there was no looking back, not only did I achieve more than my annual target in the next two quarters but was also awarded as the Best Performer — Business Development that year. Starting with this experience,  challenges being turned into key milestones; has been key to my career and has helped me to be a lot more composed and grounded even in the face of all the success we have witnessed.” 

Greatest inspiration

“My 7 year old son Evaan – no doubt about that! In his own innocent ways he has helped me learn such important lessons of life. His views matter to me the most as they are unbiased, honest, clear and innocent. Children have the most amazing ability to keep moving on and not be fazed by constraints or fear, and that in itself is such an important aspect of growth, both personally and professionally. It enables clarity and direction.”

Most important milestone in life

“May 2nd 2011- the day we decided to start Ideosphere with our singular vision of making it big for the right reasons — Progressive Thinking, Culture and Good Work!”

Women are the better halves. What does it mean?

“I do very often come across this situation of being made aware of the roles, priorities and identity of woman. But I have to come a conclusion that just focussing on your work and being consistent at it is all what matters. The societal tags, to me hold no credence.”