Nurturing passion around children


Aruna Agarwal — Franchisee, Kidszee

Aruna is an entrepreneur in the field of education dealing with kids below six years of age. A major in child psychology from University of Delhi, children are her passion and she has cultivated a profession that makes use of this.

Aruna is a franchisee of Kidzee in Mumbai — one of the largest preschool chain in Asia which is into Early Childhood Care and Education. She helps parents manage their kids by counseling them & helping them understand their kids better. Being creative herself, she finds innovative ways to teach kids and engaging with them.  She also works closely with her teachers, in grooming the kids and takes personal interest in each kid. Personally she believes that learning is a constant process and she keeps upgrading her skill sets by participating in relevant training programs regularly.

High point in career

“In 2009 & 2010, Zee Learn – my parent school awarded Kidzee for being the best school. This has kept me motivated and focused on my goal regularly.”

Most challenging assignment so far

“In 2011, I decided to expand Kidzee and thus opened another branch near Powai in Mumbai. This was a tough journey as I had to face new challenges and competition during its launch.”

Greatest inspiration

“My greatest inspiration has been my late father who was my constant guiding force. Also my husband is my great support and inspiration; he is with me through thick and thin.”

Most important milestone in life

“It was always my dream to be associated with kids, so to be able to open up my own school has been a big milestone. Also to be able to live my passion in itself is a big achievement. I have also closely worked on projects to help disabled kids.”


Women are the better halves. What does it mean?

“Women are passionate and role balancer when it comes to professional as well as personal lives. They are equally involved in both their roles of being the women of the house as well as running for her dreams/passion. Because of her total involvement in everything she does she plays a very pivotal role and hence she is a better half.”