The Gen-Z Office Blueprint: 7 Steps to Your Ideal Office Space in Singapore

Edith Tay –

In Singapore, space does not mean the same for everyone; it’s not just a commodity, but a canvas for customisation. With one of the highest population densities in the world and a thriving business landscape, finding the perfect office space becomes a quest for both functionality and tranquility, especially for the Gen Z workforce.

They value work-life balance, seek environments that foster creativity and personal growth, and are drawn to organisations with a strong sense of purpose and social responsibility. As digital natives, Gen-Z are accustomed to instant connectivity and expect modern office spaces equipped with the latest technology to facilitate collaboration and innovation.

In this bustling city-state, where every square foot counts, creating an office environment that nurtures well-being is paramount. Here are seven key questions to understand the intricacies of office hunting:

#1 What size of office do you need?

Determining the ideal size of your office space is crucial, especially in today’s era of hybrid working. Gone are the days of sprawling workstations, with each employee allocated 100 square feet. In reality, we’ve found that 56 square feet per headcount may work! This ratio has been put to test as we have sourced an office for a call centre setup.

However, it’s not just about fitting bodies into a space; it’s about creating an environment that fosters comfort, collaboration, and productivity. Balancing the need for private work areas with communal spaces is key. To pinpoint the perfect size, we rely on data analysis, to tailor the space to each team’s needs and accommodate future growth.

#2 What should I be budgeting for in an office rental?

When budgeting for your office rental, it’s essential to consider more than just the monthly lease payment. While rental costs are significant in Singapore, they’re just one piece of the financial puzzle. As you search for the perfect office space, take into account all associated expenses.

Beyond rental, you’ll need to factor in running costs such as utility bills, maintenance fees, and one time costs such as legal fees and approval processes. Additionally, renovation costs can be substantial, ranging from S$60 to S$80 per square foot depending on the space’s condition and configuration. This is not including the essential upgrades like air conditioning, which can further impact your budget.

#3 Where is the best location for my office?

When considering the best location for your office, it’s crucial to factor in affordability as a primary consideration. Size and budget play significant roles, but pinpointing the ideal location requires a deeper understanding of your target audience. Are you aiming to attract top talent or make it easier for clients to access your services? We’ve encountered consultants who prioritise a sea-view office for its client-facing appeal, strategically positioning their lobby near the lift lobby for convenience.

If you think about it, location factor is not just about street names; it is also the building’s reputation and unit placement. For us, analysing our client and employee demographics is essential. We look into transportation accessibility, such as proximity to MRT stations, bus stops, and amenities like food centers or banks, catering to both staff and clients. The location strategy can make a substantial difference in your office’s success.

#4 Which type of office do I qualify for?

When considering the type of office that fits your needs, it’s essential to understand the associated land zoning regulations in Singapore. Land zoning encompasses both commercial and industrial classifications, each based on space usage. In some places, you might not be allowed to use the space for commercial purposes, so you’ll need to think about other options depending on how you plan to use it.

For instance, areas like Buona Vista offer commercial office zoning, while Science Park requires adherence to research zoning regulations. It’s crucial to do research during your location selection process. This directly impacts rental costs, with some areas commanding higher rates per square foot. Thus, qualifying for the appropriate zoning becomes a critical factor in optimising your office space investment.

#5 How should I design my office space?

When considering the design of your office space, it’s essential to tailor the layout to meet your specific needs and accommodate potential future growth. This involves not only aesthetics but also practical considerations aimed at fostering teamwork, productivity, and employee comfort.

Whether you opt for an open or enclosed workstation setup depends on your team’s preferences and workflow requirements. It’s crucial to allocate sufficient space for potential expansion as your business grows.

Additionally, involving your team in the design process can lead to creative solutions and a sense of ownership over the workspace. Some of our clients even engage in fun naming competitions for various rooms, resulting in quirky choices like “curry laksa.” Embracing collaboration in the design process ensures that your office becomes a space that reflects the values and culture of your organisation.

#6 What technical specifications do I need in my office?

Technology plays a pivotal role in modern office setups. High-speed internet is a must, particularly for rooms where frequent calls are conducted. Additionally, ensuring adequate soundproofing in these spaces is essential for maintaining privacy and productivity. Beyond technological considerations, creating a handicapped-friendly environment is something to think about.

Various checklists exist to ensure compliance with technical specifications, for instance financial institutions governed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), should not have any downtimes. Buildings must undergo thorough checks to guarantee uninterrupted power supply before meeting these stringent requirements.

#7 What are the amenities that are essential for my team’s well-being?

Identifying essential amenities for your team’s well-being is particularly important in the current post-COVID-19 landscape. Many employers in Singapore are striving to build a work environment that encourages staff to return to the office. Enhancing the employee experience is important, as it not only boosts morale but also increases good office attendance. It’s imperative to select an office space that aligns with your team’s preferences and avoids potential logistical challenges.

You should assess the amenities offered by your chosen building, ranging from gyms and cafes to even swimming pools in some cases. Prioritising staff welfare means thinking of childcare facilities, promoting a supportive and inclusive workplace culture. All you need to do is to create a conducive environment with essential amenities while minimising downtime and enhancing overall productivity — a critical aspect for any workspace.

In wrapping up, securing the ideal office space for your team’s well-being in Singapore requires thorough consideration of multiple factors. From assessing size and budget to pinpointing the perfect location and navigating zoning regulations, each step holds significance in shaping your workspace.

Moreover, in the current climate of remote and hybrid work models, flexibility is key. Your office space should be able to accommodate various working arrangements while maintaining a sense of normalcy and community among your team members.

Edith Tay is Executive Director and Founder of PropertyBank Pte Ltd and an author of “Property Blueprint for Business”

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