Ashok Muthu is New Country MD for Edotco Cambodia

Malaysia, March 5, 2004 – Edotco Cambodia, a leading provider of telecommunications infrastructure services, recently announced the appointment of Ashok Muthu as its new country managing director. With a wealth of experience in the telecommunications sector, Ashok will lead the company’s initiatives in Cambodia aimed at enhancing connectivity and advancing the development of telecommunications infrastructure across the nation.

Cambodia is currently undergoing a rapid digital transformation, making the need for robust telecommunications infrastructure more critical than ever. Edotco Cambodia is fully committed to meeting this demand and contributing to the country’s digital growth by collaborating with key stakeholders to expand infrastructure availability and foster co-sharing. The company recognizes the importance of collaboration between the government and industry in narrowing the digital divide between rural and urban populations.

The appointment of Ashok as country managing director underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch solutions and driving innovation in Cambodia’s telecommunications industry. Adlan Tajudin, Group CEO of Malaysia’s Edotco Group, remarked, “Ashok’s appointment underscores our firm commitment to Cambodia and our confidence in its telecommunications potential. With his extensive industry expertise and strategic insight, we are optimistic that Edotco Cambodia will play a pivotal role in shaping the country’s digital landscape.”

Ashok is one of the pioneer members of Edotco and has held various leadership positions over the last decade covering portfolios such as Operations, Engineering and Technology. Apart from being at Edotco group during the formative years, he was part of the management team of Bangladesh and Malaysia. Having been at the Group and the operational regional footprints, Ashok brings extensive experience and the best of both worlds to a market like Cambodia.

“I am honoured to join Edotco Cambodia at this exciting juncture,” said Ashok. “Cambodia presents immense potential for telecommunications development, and I am committed to leveraging Edotco’s expertise to support the country’s digital transformation. Our focus will be on helping our customers to expand their reach to the unconnected or under-connected people, fostering partnerships, and delivering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the market.”

Under Ashok’s stewardship, Edotco Cambodia will pursue a comprehensive strategy to prepare for emerging technologies and market demands. The company’s vision encompasses initiatives such as optimising network infrastructure sharing, facilitating new spectrum rollouts, and enhancing energy efficiency through sustainable solutions.