New Method FSM Offers Promise of Children to Couples Struggling With Conception in Singapore

SINGAPORE (December 15, 2023) – A marked decline in fertility among couples is observed across the globe today, and Singapore is no exception. An array of remedies, be they western or traditional, are practiced with the hope of a successful pregnancy resulting in a healthy and happy baby. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is often the final resort in a series of curated efforts to conceive a child.

But in Singapore, a new method of encouraging a successful pregnancy is gaining traction. Angelia Ng founded Babies Bliss on top of the creation of her revolutionary FSM method for this very purpose.

The Fertility Strengthening Massage (FSM) is the creation of Ng, which is a combination of western massage techniques and traditional Chinese medicine principles. It is a confluence of acupreasure, reflexology and lymphatic drainage methods, which stimulate the kidneys, liver and the abdomen, strengthening the uterine muscles while increasing the flow of blood and essential nutrients the regions responsible for the creation and transport of hormones. A custom blend of essential oils tailored to each woman’s body type and condition is applied during therapy, based on the stage of her reproductive cycle that she is currently in. This encourages relaxation and stress reduction.

FMS, while not being a substitute for interfertility treatment, is designed to enhance the potential for conception whilst nurturing and relaxing the mind and body and has seen a majority of females exhibiting positive improvements such as regulating the menstrual cycle and ovulation and a higher rate of conception.

Babies Bliss provides different services, from fertility, prenatal and postnatal, post-miscarriage recuperation, and ladies / women wellness. With over two decades of experience and training, the establishment’s team of therapists, equipped with knowledge, tailor their suggestions and tips according to the individual characteristics of each of their clients.

“Due to different health and lifestyle conditions, every case is unique, and we use our customised services to cater to different needs. Our team is also trained to attend to every individual with empathy and provide necessary support and encouragement, especially to those who are healing from pregnancy loss or infertility challenges,” said Ng, in an exclusive statement to AsiaBizToday.

In addition, Babies Bliss also caters to working mothers who have tight schedules and hectic lifestyles. The company’s Wellness Center at Plaza Singapura is designed to let them have their “me-time” to relax and rejuvenate. A cohesive community that is able to recommend other services, such as home food and nanny services, to ease their loads.

Ng said: “Embarking on the journey of Babies Bliss was driven by a profound passion for women and fertility’s health. I have a deep understanding of the emotional and physical challenges many face on their fertility and wellness journey. Recognising the need for a supportive and comprehensive approach, I felt compelled to create a space where individuals and couples could find the guidance and care they deserve. The experience of building Babies Bliss has been incredibly fulfilling and enlightening. Witnessing the positive impact on the lives of those we’ve had the privilege to serve, and being part of such intimate and transformative moments, has been a source of immense joy. The connections formed and the stories of hope and resilience from our community have made this journey truly rewarding.”

Babies Bliss is poised to be a beacon of excellence in fertility and women’s wellness and health, while fostering a sense of support and community to those who seek their services. Ng envisions an expanded reach to a myriad of audiences, while breaking down societal taboos that surround infertility and individuals feel the sense of empowerment that comes with knowledge, awareness and support.