Key Healthcare Experts to Meet, Discuss Regulatory News and Drug Development

SINGAPORE, June 20, 2022 – The COVID-19 pandemic has ushered an increased speed of healthcare innovations with the hope of effectively managing this public health threat. Representatives from regulatory agencies, health authorities and industry leaders will meet in person for the first time in two years on July 12-13, to foster positive changes in the healthcare environment in the Asia-Pacific. That includes emerging technologies, innovations in cancer care, digital health and improved patient access to novel therapies. This meeting offers a neutrally organized forum to discuss lessons learned and better prepare the healthcare system for the next challenges.

Connecting different perspectives and interests in a neutral forum allows an open dialogue and facilitates solutions and concrete action points for today’s healthcare challenges, such as:

Fostering digital health adoption in the Asia-Pacific is highly dependent on regulatory frameworks. The session will discuss benefits of digital health, personalised care and what is necessary to improve application in the region.

The dynamics of decentralised clinical trials has the potential to improve patients’ experience. Serena Chan (Syneos Health Singapore), Daniela Caiazza (Novotech), and Jerome Armellini (IQVIA Singapore) will discuss how decentralised trials can benefit patients, clinicians, trial sites and sponsors beyond the pandemic setting.

Novel approaches for managing cancer come from innovative cell and gene therapies. Challenges arise when it comes to country-specific regulations. Together with other specialists, Ralf Altenburger (Global Head Cell and Gene Therapy, F. Hoffmann La-Roche) will present where the field is going as an integral part of cancer care.

Building regulatory agility for improved patient access became more aware throughout the pandemic. Ali Al dalaan (SFDA) will present his view on regulatory convergence and discuss with industry leaders how to improve patient access through regulatory agility.

Empowering the ASEAN patients is subject of a townhall format, where all participants wrap up the conference and discuss the efficiency and sustainability of healthcare systems in ASEAN and identify next steps.

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