Singlife Launches Updated Accelerator Programme For Startups

Singapore (December 14, 2023) – Singaporean financial services company Singlife launched the updated version of their in-house accelerator programme Singlife Connect earlier today. This follows the October conclusion of the first edition of Singlife Connect, which was launched late last year. It saw the launch of five successful startups, GetPaid, Outside, Octomate, Mito and CHOYS which have since gone on to become live commercial propositions in the market.

Singlife is poised to support ten new startups, focusing on co-creating and co-launching several novel embedded insurance solutions.

Varun Mittal, head of innovation and ecosystem at Singlife said: “Singlife believes in the power of ecosystem collaboration and the value it brings. We are certain that the benefits reaped extend beyond the parties involved. Singlife 2.0 will build upon the success of the first edition, with a commitment to scale it further, and launch co-curated and innovative solutions with participating startups.”

Nicholas Lim, co-founder and CEO at Outside said: “Outside envisions ourselves to be a one-stop app catering to the needs of on-demand gig workers, including provision of insurance coverage. Singlife Connect gave us the platform to bring this vision to life. Today, through our app, shift workers are covered by Singlife. We are proud to have launched an embedded insurance proposition together with Singlife.”

Mitchell Goh, CEO and co-founder at GetPaid: “At GetPaid, we believe in equipping our users with the tools and resources they need to take control of their financial wellbeing. We understand that users often experience financial stress due to unforeseen circumstances. With Singlife Connect, we are able to co-curate this proposition for our users, showcasing our joint commitment in promoting financial well-being and freedom for one and all in Singapore.”