Japan Tops Asia Tour Destination in ‘23, Says rezio’s Travel Trends Report

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (October 10, 2023) – 2023 is shaping up to be a pivotal year for the travel industry, as it continues its rebound from the challenges of recent times.

Rezio, a leading travel technology software developer under the KKday Group, recently released its latest report ‘2023 Travel Trends and Consumer Insights, loaded with insights on emerging trends amidst the travel boom that the world is currently enjoying. The report has been compiled using data from 2020 to the first half of 2023, including those gathered during and after the pandemic.

Rebound in International Travel

The international travel landscape is evolving, driven by labour shortages and rising costs. Short-haul trips are on the rise, with Japan emerging as a top choice for Asian travellers. Thailand has also witnessed a resurgence in travel interest, with a two-fold increase in bookings compared to 2019. South Korea, on the other hand, demonstrates robust demand for overseas travel, with Taiwan and Japan ranking among its top three inbound destinations. The proliferation of low-cost carriers (LCCs) signals a potential rebound in international travel demand.

The report categorises the travel business in to six main segments, namely, outdoor activities, tours, tickets, experiences, workshops, and leisure. Notable findings in the report reveal that “outdoor activities” providers on rezio place significant emphasis on real-time order management. “Tours”, particularly those offered by specialised travel agencies have experienced remarkable growth in 2022, with an impressive 335% increase from the previous year. The popularity of guided day tours has been attributed to this development. Furthermore, the data shows that the majority of bookings are made during lunch breaks and before bedtime, with an average lead time of just 5 days in both cases.

Thriving in Diverse Travel Experiences

Outdoor activities like hiking, camping, skiing, and water adventures have gained immense popularity. Package tours are making a comeback as travellers prioritize safety and privacy. Attractions and activity tickets maintain stable volumes, and diversification beyond tickets can enhance visitor engagement. Unique experiences are on the rise, with travellers seeking authentic and culturally immersive encounters, such as rural crafts, archery, horseback riding, and historical costume photography.

Influenced by the pandemic, consumers now plan their travels with greater foresight. Package tours are booked up to 12 days in advance, while attraction and activity tickets are typically booked three days ahead. Booking timeslots vary significantly between weekdays and weekends, highlighting the need for 24-hour booking websites.

Embracing Digital Payments: The New Norm

Over 80% of prepayments are made for experience-based tours, reflecting consumers’ comfort with online payments. Self-service ticket machines with electronic payment options account for 60% of attraction and activity ticket payments. Businesses offering one-stop online booking and payment services stand to benefit.

Cross-Border Orders Soar

Cross-border orders for rezio’s merchants have seen remarkable growth. Japan’s border reopening led to a 30% surge in bookings from foreign travellers, while Taiwan’s lifting of restrictions resulted in an astounding 8.2-fold increase in cross-border orders.