The Chopras Group brings Psychometric Test CMAP+ to Singapore

Singapore, Feb 22, 2018: India’s leading education group, The Chopras Group, has expanded their consultancy services to Singapore. Since their establishment in 1995, The Chopras have used their Career Pathway Planning toolkit to help over 3 million students decide on the right university and course which sets the tone for their future career.

They deploy a well-established psychometric test known as CMAP+ to suggest ideal careers for students. CMAP+ uncovers student’s career interests (e.g. artistic, scientific, logical), personal work profile (e.g. introverted, emotionally stable, spontaneous) and ability test results (e.g. verbal, numerical, abstract reasonings). Based on the ideal career, Chopras consultants will help individual students to develop a customized plan to find the right university and course for them.

Career Planning as Cornerstone for University Education Choice: “We are mentors to students where we send them on the right path finding the right career which would fit their strengths. Based on our psychometric test, we can show parents which are the best careers for their children. This will allow their children to excel and be happy in their future careers instead of being struck in a job that doesn’t suit them.” Said Naveen Chopra, Founder and Chairman of The Chopras Group.

After the ideal career has been discovered, Chopras consultants will find the best fit of university and course based on factors such as student’s budget, educational preference and likelihood to win scholarships. For their premium package, Chopras consultants help students prepare for higher education which includes researching of suitable universities, visa and living arrangement, SAT test preparation, editing of submission essay and shortlisting of 3 to 5 universities that would suit their requirements. The Chopras also offer free consultation for limited range of service.

At the launch event at Fullerton Hotel on 21 February 2018, most of the well-known institutes of higher education were in attendance. They include Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), University of Kent, Kaplan Higher Education Academy and Raffles Education Network. The Chopras have over 600 partner universities globally which include Laselle, SIM and PSB Academy in Singapore.

Singapore As Springboard into South East Asia: “We are excited to bring a brand that we’ve organically built over 23 years in India to Singapore engaging well over 350,000 students annually. Most major universities in the world are aware of our work and activities, especially our focus of always putting student’s interest first above any commercial interest of the company. We are using our Singapore headquarters to open other new markets in South East Asia.” Said Natasha Chopra, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Chopras Group.

Their Singapore headquarters will be at Shenton House while their retail outlet opened for student consultations would be at Tanglin Shopping Centre. With the launch of the Singapore branch, the Chopras plan to extend their reach to students in key markets such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines in South East Asia within the next 18 to 24 months.

Their current focus would be to engage students and to educate them on the importance of career planning to build their reputation and good will. 85% of their Indian business come from word of mouth. They are also investing millions to build up their global leadership, technology and to streamline corporate infrastructure and services for smooth integration globally.  “Our competitive advantage comes from our ability to provide a full suite of quality service to our students with their best interest at heart.” said Shan Chopra, Managing Partner of The Chopras Group.

Other Commercial Interests:  Besides their core business of using career planning to guide student’s choice and to assist them in getting into the right university, the Chopras have concrete plans to set up their own university to help students gain skills in lateral and creative thinking. They have obtained permission to set up the University of North-West Himalayas, in the Indian State of Uttarakhand and the first batch of students will enter in the Fall of 2020.

In addition, the Chopras are involved in marketing the US Immigration Fund’s EB-5 Investment opportunities. The EB-5 is a special visa program which enables high net worth individuals to obtain visa for themselves and their immediate family by investing in a minimum of US$500,000 in a US business that will benefit the economy and create jobs for 10 American workers. There is a quota of 10,000 visas for foreigners under this program.

The Chopras’ Singapore headquarters can be found at 3 Shenton Way, #13-06, Shenton House, Singapore 068805. Their retail headquarters can be found at 19 Tanglin Road, #11-03, Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909.