The story of changing times & styles of Indian Women

Deepa Reddy, Founder – The Open Trunk

Open Trunk is a treasure trove of all that is rich, elegant and simplistic from the world of textiles and design. An online portal for women’s clothing, Open Trunk aims to bring to people designer clothes from across the country showcasing some of the signature traditional weaves, styles and hand work, of the various states from the north till the south. Open Trunk will be the first portal to offer designer clothes for ages 5-80, for occasions big and small both in the international and the Indian calendar.

The trunk symbolises all that is quintessentially Indian – made modern, keeping in mind trends across the world and the age spectrum. The portal aims to make available the best of the Indian and the Indo-Western clothing. From the untouched 7 yard look to the jacket over a saree look, our designers work with local craftsmen in every state to tell the story of the changing times and styles of the women of India. Open Trunk offers a beautiful way of teaching the next generation about our rich heritage, exquisite designs and unparalleled fabrics.

“At The Open Trunk, each piece of garment has been handpicked without a replica even in terms of a size range”, says founder Deepa Reddy.  Her career, she says, is like her dream job that she always wanted to do, being in the fashion industry. Deepa loves to travel, read and meet new people; is passionate about life and all the surprises it comes with.

She shares some more insights from her entrepreneurial journey with team ABT.

What led you to Entrepreneurship?
I always knew I had to do something worthwhile of my interests but family and kids had always put the entrepreneur in me aside and when I knew my family is settled in time I knew I was ready to do what I had to do with support of my husband and kids .

Tell us about Open Trunk & what’s unique?
Theopentrunk was born out of my love for cloths and shopping. Being a compulsive, impulsive shopper of varied fashion labels.i Knew the gap between expensive designer cloths and really low cost there was gap that I could fill where cloths with designer label and value and quality was not compromised ,and well priced . And keeping my values culture in mind we created for indo western and Indian clothing which is the most easy clothing for all age groups from young to elderly to choose from and get their own style from it.

If you were to do one thing differently, what would that be?
Frankly, there is nothing at the moment. I like the way everything has happened so far.

Do you feel privileged as a Woman Entrepreneur?
Yes definitely I do and it’s the best time for us women where we are more accepted in our roles of homemaker and entrepreneurs and are well understood of our capabilities.

How has Technology influenced your business?
Technology is the only way today to reach out to the world it’s made the world a smaller place to live with connecting people from different continents to bridging generations. In the business like ours, we are dependent on technology to reach out to larger audience and technology is a boon.

Women are often referred to as “the better half” Your views on this
Well I would only say women and men always need to support each other for bettering anything in each other’s lives, including children, work and definitely for a better living.

What would you like to achieve in the coming years?
We want to see how we can make online shopping easy and simple for all age groups of women we definitely want to become a platform for promoting the young and talented designers. We would continue to support Indian weavers and try to make amazing fashion for everyone affordable.

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