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Tarunjeet Rattan, Founder – Nucleus PR

Tarunjeet ventured into entrepreneurship a decade ago when the entire ecosystem was still evolving and the support available today for new ventures was hardly accessible those days, she recalls. Dabbled in journalism, marketing and events for a few years, Tarunjeet often ended up advising her entrepreneur Interviewees on how to strengthen their brand visibility and raise their band equity.

One such interviewee turned around and offered Tarunjeet to handle her brand and that’s how she won her first client after which there was no looking back. More clients, bigger teams and more network offices were next! Today, Nucleus PR is a known brand in itself with offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and an impressive list of clients. (

According to her, what sets her company apart is the fact that she kept herself grounded in reality and insists on doing the same with her team and clients as well. She believes that constant upgradation of knowledge, keen industry insights and great team work is what moved Nucleus PR ahead.

A science graduate from the Punjab University, at college, she found her core strengths after participating and organising events and youth festivals. She decided to pursue a further degree in Mass Communication from Symbiosis, Pune. Though she was very convinced that this is what she wanted to do, she had her task cut out when it came to convincing her family.

Tarunjeet was naturally inclined to arts with a deep interest in the sciences. It is possible to be passionate about both” she says). She lost herself in the plays of Shakespeare as much as she tried to find her way through the theories of Stephen Hawking.

High point in career

Starting my own consultancy – Nucleus PR has definitely been one of the biggest highs of my 15 year career in PR. The 10 year old quiet bookworm happy to dabble with her science project book or colors would have never imagined I would achieve this.

Most challenging assignment so far

My most challenging assignment so far has been the conversion of branding perception in traditionally-run businesses to a more professional and futuristic set up.  However, my greatest challenge has become my greatest strength. I excel at making these conversions happen seamlessly and not only drive their brand campaigns but also educate and help them make that conversion at every step forward.

Greatest inspiration

My greatest inspiration is my spouse – Amrish Malvankar. Both of us were first generation entrepreneurs from our families so his support and guidance has been crucial to the start and growth of my business. When I started out, other than him no one really understood my drive to set up something on my own. His constant support, encouragement and business know-how has been my guide in many a sticky situation.

Most important milestone in life

Lots of them. Be it my first degree, award or client or business – professionally. Becoming a manageable networking extrovert from an introvert. Moving out from the lines of a book to being a multi-local. Personally growing from an individual whose own needs came first to a better person who thinks more about her environment and society. Practicing reiki, yoga and pranic healing….and so much more. I believe the best is yet to come. Thankfully, I have a lot of awesome people to celebrate that with me. I guess you can say my happiest milestones are the relationships I earn along the way.

Women are the better halves. What does it mean?

Its a matter of perspective. To me a ‘better half’ is someone who brings out the best in you. For me it is my spouse Amrish. He not only brings out the best in me but encourages me to be better than I am. If I had to embody all that was good about me then a lot of it would be would be how he makes me feel and the rest is directly related to him.

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