Little steps to milestone achievements


Roshni Baronia, Founder — Little Charms

“Running a not-so-little online gift portal for kids is a herculean task, especially when you are running it single-handedly”, says Roshni Baronia, founder of Little Charms. However, Roshni shoulders the responsibility with a quiet determination, effortless charm and sparking enthusiasm.

Little Charms is an online gifting boutique for kids which designs and develops soft furnishings, room decor accessories, bath linen, bags, stationery items and many such personalized products. The venture has been successfully running for the past five years and has seen promising response from the parents’ community. (

After completing her Bachelors of Science degree, Roshni went on to pursue her passion for creation and innovation by enrolling in NIFT, Delhi. She also worked with Ritu Kumar’s export house, Kalamkaari, for a short stint before getting married. She always had an innate orientation towards entrepreneurship and had made up her mind that she wanted to build a career in the creative space.

The journey of Little Charms online gifting portal began with the birth of her child and the initial offerings included soft furnishings and personalized room decor. It was a humble beginning which gained customer trust and patronage very fast. People kept coming back for the unique designs and superior quality of Little Charms products. What started as a work from home venture, gradually developed into a dedicated workshop for product design and development as well as a self-sustaining online portal.

In an industry which is growing at an accelerated pace and where being slow and cautious is not even an option, Roshni has taken baby steps with Little Charms and made milestone decisions with utmost care. Her family’s support has enabled her to manage and grow the business as a sole owner and given Little Charms the time and priority that it deserved as a start-up and is confident that Little Charms has a long way to go and will continue to pursue the growth path at a slow and assured pace.

Roshni enjoys photography in her free time and is fond of experimenting with food, trying and innovating new flavours in her kitchen. She has a flair for adventure sports and as a travel enthusiast, she aspires to go on an ‘All Women World Tour’.

High point in career

“I always believe that best is yet to come as it keeps me motivated to deliver better than my best. Still early on in my entrepreneurial journey, when I was approached by a TV channel who wanted to showcase me and my venture on their show, I felt like I was on top of the world. In fact, it took me a few days to realize that it was for real but then it was also a reassurance that I am treading the right path.”

Most challenging assignment so far

“There are several challenges that I face at every change of phase in the growth of my business but to single out a specific assignment would be tough. However there was this particular customized order that we had to do for a very renowned socialite of Delhi but had got just 15 days to do finish it. It was only due to the extremely dedicated staff who had put in all their energy and worked overtime that we were able to deliver the order on time without sacrificing on the quality.”

Greatest inspiration

“Being in the field of retail I find Sam Walton as the one who inspires me to get down to the basics of doing business even if I am in the erratic industry of e-commerce. In spite of being the man behind one of the leading global brands – Walmart, Sam Walton was very grounded. He was customer-centric as well as employee centric to the core. He defied competition because he was able to stay passionate about his business idea all throughout. I too strive to develop upon my business idea by being customer centric and lay out the growth plans being employee centric.”

Most important milestone in life

“Motherhood definitely has to be the milestone that makes me happy. Professional accomplishments have made me feel proud but I know there are further goals that are to be achieved and best is yet to come, but being a mother gives happiness every day. It brings the life to a full circle where you enjoy every phase of it.”

Women are the better halves. What does it mean?

“If men use this statement just to please their ladies, then for sure it is time to move beyond this. I am not a feminist and do not believe in one being better than the other rather striving for equality is also not justified. Nature has very beautifully given roles to every living creature, we can maintain that difference and uniqueness to complement each other. We should start talking in terms of an individual rather than it being about a man or a woman.”