Decathlon: Revolutionising Sports and Eyeing Sustainability for Growth

SINGAPORE (March 11, 2024) – In a bold stride towards redefining its purpose, Decathlon, the global leader in multi-specialist sports retail, is embarking on a transformative journey aimed at propelling societies towards health, happiness, and sustainability through the wonders of sports. With the unveiling of its dynamic new brand identity and a groundbreaking strategy, Decathlon is poised to revolutionise the sports industry and leave an indelible mark on the world.

From its humble beginnings in 1976, Decathlon has steadfastly championed the belief in the transformative power of sports. Today, as the world grapples with unprecedented challenges, the importance of sports in fostering well-being and unity has never been more evident.

At the heart of this transformation lies Decathlon’s “North Star” — a long-term ambition guiding the company towards accelerating its mission for the betterment of societies and the planet. This guiding light has illuminated a new purpose: “Move People Through the Wonders of Sport.”

Barbara Martin Coppola, Decathlon’s Global Chief Executive Officer, reflects on this pivotal moment: “Today marks a significant milestone in Decathlon’s journey. As the world seeks solace and strength through sports, our commitment to ‘Move People Through the Wonders of Sport’ has never been more resolute. With our diverse community rallying behind our shared vision, we are poised to lead the sector as a unique and trusted sports brand, making a positive impact on humanity and the planet.”

A New Brand Identity and Portfolio

Decathlon’s reinvigorated brand identity mirrors its ambition and heritage. Introducing a vibrant blue hue and a dynamic new logo — “the Orbit” — Decathlon’s visual identity embodies movement, aspiration, and circularity, reflecting its commitment to sustainable business practices.

Furthermore, Decathlon is streamlining its brand portfolio, comprising 9 category specialists and 4 expert brands, each catering to specific sporting needs. This strategic realignment ensures a tailored approach to delivering high-quality sporting experiences for all.

A Business Model Anchored in Sustainability

Decathlon recognises that the benefits of sports must not come at the expense of the planet. With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Decathlon has pledged to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Setting ambitious decarbonisation targets, Decathlon aims for a 20% reduction in absolute CO2 emissions by 2026, escalating to 42% by 2030.

Through collaborative efforts with suppliers and partners, Decathlon is spearheading initiatives to decarbonise processes and promote circular business models. By embracing product longevity and recyclability, Decathlon endeavours to extend product lifespans and empower customers to adopt sustainable consumption habits.

In line with its sustainability endeavours, Decathlon Singapore will host a Circular Bazaar, exemplifying its dedication to community engagement and conscious consumerism.

A Digital-First Customer Experience

Harnessing the power of digital innovation, Decathlon is revolutionising the retail experience with a global ecommerce revamp. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and AI algorithms, Decathlon aims to provide seamless shopping experiences while optimising supply chain efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Through immersive experiences like the 3D Shopping App, Decathlon is blurring the lines between physical and digital retail, offering customers unprecedented levels of engagement and convenience.

Innovation at the Core

With over 850 engineers and 400 designers tirelessly innovating, Decathlon stands at the forefront of sports technology. Through dedicated teams and state-of-the-art facilities, such as the Sports Lab and AddLab, Decathlon continues to push boundaries and pioneer groundbreaking sporting solutions.

A Commitment to Inclusivity

Decathlon is committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity within its organisation and beyond. With a focus on gender parity and representation, Decathlon is actively working towards becoming one of the most inclusive organisations globally.

As Decathlon propels into the future, its unwavering commitment to sports, sustainability, and inclusivity serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for generations to come. In the pursuit of a healthier, happier world, Decathlon leads the charge, inviting all to join in the journey towards a brighter tomorrow.