Velo Partners With PTL to Propel Laos to a New Era of Economic Growth

Vientiane, Laos (January 04, 2024) – Velo recently announced its partnership with investment holding company PTL Holding Co. Ltd. (PTLH), which is envisioned to combine the former’s digital finance expertise with the latter’s industrial muscle to propel Laos into the forefront of digital finance adoption.

Velo is a Web3+ Ecosystem based in Thailand and is a trailblazer in the area of digital finance, bringing cutting-edge technology to the public, along with financial inclusion and accessibility to all. Their mission is to build a Web3-based liquidity and settlement network that allows partners to safely and securely transfer value between each other with a fully integrated universal payment network powered by the Velo Protocol. Backed by Stellar Network and CP Group, Velo Labs is currently focused on serving partners in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific region.

PTL Holding Co. Ltd. is a strong player in Lao’s industrial landscape, with a diversified portfolio across a range of sectors. In collaboration with its banking partner, PTL Holdings now plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth in the country, particularly for its involvement in the commodities sector dealing with oil and gas operations.

A series of collaborations are being carried out, by which power the digital economic revival that is envisioned by both companies will be fueled. Laos’s leap in to next-generation finance leveraging blockchain technology strategically aligns its trajectory with similar, ambitious nations. Through this partnership, Velo, PTLH and Laos will set the stage for a digital economy that empowers citizens to fuel economic advancement. Laos has also shown the benefits that it will reap with a vibrant digital economy.

With Web3 payments being part of the nation’s digital plans, Laos places itself as a regional hub for innovative solutions in an evolving landscape of future Web3 payments. The collaboration between Velo and PTLH with the bullion bank emphasises the nation’s ability to integrate generic future web3 payments.

As Velo, PTLH and the Laos formally enter this key collaboration with an officially signed MoU, the nation as well as the entire region can expect to see a dynamic future where digital finance is more accessible, inclusive and technologically advanced while being firmly rooted in the partnership that values innovation and progress.