HyLyt to launch Collaboration Platform with full Data Protection

NEW DELHI , January 2021: HyLyt has announced that it would be launching its patent pending chat platform before the end of the month to help users chat and collaborate safely and securely. The platform provides E2E chats which can create backups and is fully encrypted. It leaves the saving option to the users, thus helping to maintain data security and full privacy to users.

The app, with innovative technology aims to provide the users with the option of group chat security, screen security and set up options for self-destructing messages. HyLyt aims to provide search options using tags (links) to make chats and groups more organized, efficient and easy to use.

Rajat Singhania, Founder of SocioRac, HyLyt said, “Technology is revolutionizing the world and its importance will only increase with time. But like every good thing, use of technology also needs to be done responsibly and the first thing that comes in line of question is the data security and privacy of users. Given the current concern about data privacy and policies by various leading players in the market; it is important that users have a choice and knowledge about alternatives that are available in the market.”

HyLyt can optimize its search options and converge similar information based on multiple conditions on real time basis, thus providing search options across different file formats for fourteen different search criterions, which is a needed feature but not available to users today.

The app is enabled with hi-tech features like:

  • multi factor security authentication
  • Group Chat Security
  • Screen Security
  • Local Chat Backups
  • Self-Destructing Messages
  • Options to host the entire data on user’s server
  • Voice and video calls with sharing options
  • Prevent re-share and forward of information
  • Tagging (linking) and organizing your Conversations
  • Password protected chats even if the phone is not password protected

HyLyt is working to generate 2.5 billion man-hours of additional productive time by 2025, by leveraging digital technology and help manage digital data overload that today’s business generates.