European Apples to wow Malaysians

KUALA LUMPUR, FEBRUARY 10 – During February and March, shoppers at Malaysia’s top malls will have the chance to enjoy naturally delicious apples from the Italian Alps and take part in an authentic Alpine-themed experience. These exclusive events organized for shoppers at leading malls in partnership with Aeon Supermarkets will feature hosts and hostesses dressed in traditional Alpine costumes, bringing an authentic and traditional ambiance, with the apples’ unique mountain heritage, from what is unquestionably the world’s best apple growing terroir­, adding an additional flair to the tasting experience.

During the event, thousands of apples will be shared, entirely free-of-charge, giving Malaysians the opportunity to experience the flavour of the Italian Alps for themselves.

In addition to trying European apples from the Italian Alps for themselves, visitors will also have the opportunity to learn about the benefits of apples and the Aeon Supermarkets and other locations where Italian Alps apples are available in Malaysia. Moreover, mall patrons will be able to interact with some of the top Malaysian social media celebrities who will turn out to support Italian apples at these special events. Plus, shoppers are not able to attend the event can catch up with their favourite social media celebrities and experience the event through their eyes, so make sure to be on the look-out for the hashtags #euquality #enjoyitsfromeurope and #applesfromitalianalps

The sweet and crunchy goodness of European Apples from the Italian Alps is the perfect snack and cooking ingredient for people with active lifestyles, so look out for them at leading shopping malls during February and March.