Bringing cloud based technologies for impactful healthcare management solutions

Mr. Ajit Veerappan, Business Head, Attune Technologies

Ajit started his career as a semiconductor professional working on cutting edge chip design and Electronic design automation tools. Not quite accomplished with what he was doing and always wanting to do something impactful in life, Ajit noticed that there is a large gap in healthcare that could be addressed and can have enormous impact to lives of people. He quit everything and focused on building a startup that contributes to providing right systems for healthcare providers that can bring optimal patient care.

“The last 8 years in this business just makes me motivated everyday as there is something to learn and improve in both our systems and the sector in general”, says Ajit. With data science and AI gaining prominence, the products are just becoming even more intelligent on saving people time, getting more outcomes that is extremely beneficial both to the payor and the provider.

Attune Technologies is a next-generation healthcare IT company that has pioneered Cloud based products designed to help the entire healthcare ecosystem. Attune’s solutions seamlessly integrate Labs, Hospitals, Pharmacies, Blood Banks, Radiology, Medical Devices (IoT), Insurance Companies, and Accounting resulting in increased revenues and operational efficiency.

Attune’s solutions can be deployed across the spectrum of organizations – starting from single physician clinics to a network of healthcare providers making it the largest Cloud based healthcare IT service provider in the region.

Ajit feels that there is a long way to go for him and Attune in this journey to create a health platform that can maintain singularity across health and wellness and achieve higher efficiency by providing better care and information. Ajit is a telecommunication engineer by profession and a management grad from Warwick Business School. He shares more from his journey in this interview with ABT.

Where do you usually find inspiration from?
From people who have come up in life the hard way and out of the box thinkers in general who enjoy taking risks

What led you to a career in Healthcare? How did it all start?
I was working with Coventry City council for their clinical department and that was my first exposure to healthcare. My passion for software and business combined with the gaps in healthcare Industry gave me the momentum to get into healthcare.

What excites you most about the Healthcare Industry today?
Engineering and IT has penetrated successfully in many fields and Healthcare is one such area where there is still a large scope of penetration that could happen which will result in better healthcare for people globally as that seems to be a large concern with current generation lifestyle

What are the challenges that your organization is addressing?
We are primarily provider driven and help the providers offer care to the fullest to their patients. We have embedded data science and machine learning into every product of ours. We are very excited to see our AI products actually going live and being used by clients on a commercial engagement. Very few companies in healthcare are able to achieve it and we are very proud of our team. Our core products addressing pathology labs and insurance desks are scaling rapidly and enabling us with enough bread to support new initiatives

Tell us about your leadership style
I love challenges in general and Attune is a very different challenge. As a leader, it’s very important in transformational challenges to trust the team and give them enough responsibilities and more specifically avoid a lot of micro management. This helps to scale and have every individual build a desire to win and be pleased with their own achievements. Driving passion into every individual is key and I like to follow a more transformational and situational leadership style

What is your vision for Attune?
Attune is in the middle of a large opportunity in healthcare and is backed by very supportive investors. Getting Attune to make a difference to every provider and payor by addressing gaps in healthcare through IT is the way forward for us. I see Attune spearheading in the healthcare IT space in the near future.