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Florine Eppe Beauloye, Co-Founder & CEO – mOOnshot digital Pte Ltd 

An accomplished international marketing strategist and author of the book “Shine: Digital Craftsmanship for Modern Luxury Brands” – Florine Eppe Beauloye, a Belgian digital entrepreneur co founded mOOnshot digital, a boutique creative and digital marketing agency that specialises in premium, lifestyle and luxury brands.

Her diverse professional experience lies in discovering what are noteworthy, crafting compelling experiences and growing businesses as well as people. She has worked with high-end clients, award-winning brands, and she has also held various leadership positions throughout Europe and Asia, from TV Journalist to PR Manager to Head of Marketing for international B2C and B2B brands. She is also seen as a regular guest speaker at universities, international events and conferences.

“I think my favourite role, which underlies all of them in a way, is one of empowerment”, says Florine. She enjoys the satisfaction of supporting and accompanying forward-thinking businesses and people to realise their full potential through digital innovation.

At the heart of it all, she is a compulsive creative with an appetite for greatness and new challenges. She loves learning something new every day, experimenting with new approaches and creating new models for success.

She was born in Africa, grew up in Europe, currently working and lives in Asia and has travelled to more countries (and still counting) than her age in years. She is a global nomad with wanderlust in her veins. And she doesn’t see that changing. Travel consistently offers her unique perspectives on business and, more importantly on life.

Tell us about the journey of mOOnshot digital and its evolution.
I saw a gap in the market and seized the opportunity. Since its humble beginning, mOOnshot digital has now expanded its portfolio of renowned clients and added more services. Our services include business strategy, branding and design, social media, SEO, online advertising, content marketing, website design and development, and more.

What really makes us shine is our one-of-a-kind dream team. Our advisory board and management team consists of former senior executives of Google, Facebook and YouTube, all passionate about innovating in the digital space. mOOnshot digital is also the exclusive digital partner of The Luxury Network Singapore, a private, invitation only business-to-business club made up of the world’s premier brands and organizations: Porsche, FJ Benjamin, Etihad Airways, Small Luxury Hotels of the World and W Singapore Sentosa Cove are just a few names on their roster. Amazing partnerships and growth bear testament to our unique Digital Craftsmanship approach and mOOnshot digital’s ability to move digital boundaries for discerning clients.

What has been your biggest challenge as a women entrepreneur?
It was a great honour to be recognised as one of “Asia’s Top 50 Woman Leaders” by the World Brand Congress. However I don’t really see myself within the confines of a “woman entrepreneur” nor do I allow gender to become a determinant of my experience as an authentic leader with a seat at the table.

Launching my own business has been the most exciting, scary, hard and rewarding rollercoaster ride I have embarked on! It has been filled with ups and downs, twists and turns. These challenges and rewards come hand in hand with being an entrepreneur — woman or not. When faced with uncertainty and tough decisions, I don’t ask myself what a “woman entrepreneur” would do in this situation, but rather, what would an inspiring leader do. Perhaps that is the biggest challenge of being a female entrepreneur — to consistently rise above gender-based expectations and biases, while embracing an unwavering dedication to being a great leader. Early in my career, I was managing both women and men (oftentimes my senior in age). Now, I’m leading an amazing team of brilliant minds around the world. My expectations of my team do not vary based on whether they are men or women, and I have confidence that is true of how they see me as well.

I will say that one specific challenge to operating on a global scale is building a trusted network of connections. You must take the time to attend local events and network, network, network… even when you feel you have a million other things to do.

What is that one milestone in your life that makes you happy and proud?
Life and success is all about the micro-moments (both personal and professional); these little magical snippets in time that have the power to brighten your day and shape your future in some significant way. Every day that I bring a positive change to someone’s life or business with a smile, a friendly word, a helping hand, or a successful project, is a happy and fulfilling day for me.

When it comes to what I’m most proud of, there are of course all the entrepreneurial firsts … First contract, first international client, first award, first media interview, first published book. And then, there are those unforgettable, magical moments like walking the red carpet at Le Festival de Cannes among Hollywood celebrities. It’s an incredible feeling to start from nothing and reach for the moon.

Last but not least, I recently became a parent for the first time to an amazing baby boy. Motherhood is a game-changer, the kind of “win” that seems bigger than any business success. I feel incredibly thankful and happy to have both – a loving family and a career that I love.

Who is your greatest inspiration & why?
So many people! I wake up curious and determined to be better every day. I am inspired by all the talented and innovative people around me, people who push me to work harder and think differently. From Elon Musk, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, all the entrepreneurs who are disrupting the status quo, to my brilliant yet humble husband (he is my better half, my greatest sounding board), and all the resilient people I meet around the world.

What are your views on the opportunities available for Women for entrepreneurship today?
Now is a golden time to be a (female) entrepreneur as more people around the world are recognising the potential impact women can make to societal and economic growth.

Plus, technological and digital advances (from mobile to cloud computing) enable easy access to a plethora of resources that spur the growth of new businesses all over the world. For women in particular, technology-enabled accessibility means more flexible working hours and an increased opportunity to balance the demands of home and business.

There is also a strong knowledge community of inspirational and high-achieving women, actively supporting each other and the entrepreneurial community.

Being an entrepreneur means synthesising new ideas from diverse fields and perspectives, so I would say that it is important for women to not place limitations on the connections they make and the perspectives they seek. Sometimes, the best advice or insight can come from someone outside of your existing community.

What would you like to achieve in the next coming years?
Part of being a successful entrepreneur is being able to recognise the opportunities around you. I am always looking to the horizon for the next opportunity. I like to challenge my own boundaries, and step outside of my comfort zone. Right now, I am focusing on expanding mOOnshot digital’s presence and building our brand portfolio internationally. On top of that, I am exploring new digital ventures.

I am also thinking about the next generation of entrepreneurs and the resources we can provide to those who will have the power to literally change our world. Digital has the potential to create jobs, empower and change people lives… at scale. My head is buzzing with new ideas, some are to be tested and launched. So watch this space.