Rekindling the magic of writing

Huma Asgar, Director – Almats Branding Solutions

An interior designer by education, Huma Asgar is the Director of Almats Branding Solutions and Doodle Collection, a sister concern. After her marriage, she joined her husband’s firm, Almats Branding Solutions which gave her an in-depth understanding of the printing and branding industry, over a span of 14 years. Three years ago, they launched Doodle Collection, a designer stationery brand, with a range of fun, chic and elegant premium notebooks and diaries that aims at reviving the joy of writing. The tagline reads “The Joy Of Writing” that encapsulated the core value of this fun brand and brings back the old age value of writing that now has become digital. (

Her expertise in the field of art and designing allows her to take profitable decisions and serve the best to their end customers. Her creativity and knowledge of the industry makes her to be the best in the industry.

Huma loves to read, draw and write but she says that her thoughts for herself. She is also experimenting with adult colouring and thinks it is a great way to un-plug and de-stress after a long day.

High point in career

“Definitely this year. Doodle participated at Paper World Frankfurt which is the largest stationery exhibition. We got a chance to engage with several international retail buyers and got some valuable feedback and noticed a keen interest in the brand. Hopefully we should be able to launch Doodle internationally by the end of this year.”

Most challenging assignment so far

“Doodle, being a start-up, came with immense challenges, but when you are so passionate about what you do every challenge is motivating and every little achievement brings so much joy.”

Greatest inspiration

“JK Rowling- she was going through a very rough time in her life and had to face many obstacles, but through it all she managed to pursue her dream and create something that is so beautifully written.”

Most important milestone in life

“As a woman playing multiple roles, an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother. I’ve experienced a number of memorable milestones that make me happy.”

Women are the better halves. What does it mean?

“Women surely are the better halves, but seldom without a supportive husband. I am fortunate to have someone who thinks of me an equal, always supports my dreams, guides me through my struggles and celebrates my accomplishments.”

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