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Sankalp Academy — Amit Punjabi

A certified NLP trainer, Master Practitioner & Life Coach / Strategist, Amit Punjabi has worked with individuals, students & professionals to help them produce extra-ordinary results in their lives since 2006.

Amit is a young, inspiring and passionate trainer whose passion lies in building and moulding ordinary individuals into extraordinary leaders. At the young age of 20, he stepped out of the traditional family mould and kick-started Sankalp Academy — training and coaching organization.  With only Rs.700/- in the pocket and a strong will to change mindsets of the younger generation, a determined 20-year old Amit set up Sankalp Academy, amidst protests from family and friends.

He failed in his B.Com but instead of sulking in a corner he decided to use the energy and channel it into creating something innovative and constructive that will help the new generation find their own voice instead of being slotted into existing pre conceived notions of ‘success’, ‘jobs’ and ‘status’. Today, 8 years later, his family has not only joined him in the business but has also helped him grow the business in different directions as he continues to change the lives and mindsets of more and more people into a positive and powerful one.  He has personally lead and mentored organizations, and youth movements impacting over 36000 people (Students & Professionals) in a short span of 8 years.

He is a passionate biker and rides to experience the pure joy of freedom!

What is Sankalp Academy? What is the issue that the venture is trying to address and what makes you confident that it is a winning proposition.

“There are 2 things about human beings which are very interesting, number one; everybody loves to learn but no one likes to be taught, people learn best through their experiences and realizations. Number 2, people fail to realize that the most important experiences that happen in their lives do not happen because of talent, it just happens because of clarity. These are the two things that we make sure they get. We make sure people get clarity and we facilitate experiences for people to have realizations and move forward.

What makes us confident is the fact that we’ve been doing this for over nine years and we have facilitated this transformation for thousands of individuals. Our testimonials from successful individuals, about them getting clarity and growing even more, effortlessly, through our programs and sessions; itself is a guarantee that this is a winning proposition.”

What was the key factor/s that led you to take the plunge?

“The most important key factor was People. Meeting, understanding and learning more about people has always been exciting to me.

What led me to take the plunge in this direction is my willingness to explore and know more. The success can always be designed and created on the way but the first step always comes with just the willingness.”

How did you manage the initial capital?

“I didn’t need much to start off; just 700 bucks and one full fuel tank to get some meetings set and get my first training in place. What I really did capitalize on was my faith in my skills and my will to grow.”

What were the first 90 days like?

“Hard, yet Exciting!

It was hard because all plans looked very easy on paper but required a lot of effort in action. And exciting, because there was something new to learn every single hour which kept me moving forward. The first 90 days had far more learning for me than 15 years of education did.”

What is the revenue stream & profitability?

“Training/Coaching Programs, Mentoring Sessions and Conferences are our Revenue Streams. To talk about Profitability, we have managed to grow 30% year on year, for the last 3 years.”

What is your guiding philosophy when it comes to doing business?

“I believe in, ‘If it isn’t going to kill you physically, just do it!’

It could get very uncomfortable sometimes to pick up a phone and call a client because you may already expect a certain answer, the point is, making that call is not going to kill you physically.

I have understood that people loose opportunities just because they were uncomfortable to take particular actions. My way of analyzing those actions is just this statement: If it isn’t going to kill me physically, I just do it!”

Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

“I see myself:

  • Training internationally which I am already doing in the next month.
  • A preferred Mentor for Start Ups and Growing Companies
  • A Strategist for growing Entrepreneurs