Legaltech Platform SeedLegals Expands to APAC to Strengthen Startup Ecosystem

SINGAPORE, April 21, 2022 – Leading UK legaltech platform SeedLegals, has announced the launch of its platform and service in Asia-Pacific. SeedLegals brings their automated legal solutions to Singapore and Hong Kong-based startups and small businesses, enabling them to raise investment, provide ESOP share options to their team and grow their business faster and more efficiently than ever before.

SeedLegals is a tech-enabled platform that automates the legals that early-stage startups and small businesses need, bringing reliability, transparency, and efficiency to the daunting legal aspect of running a business. Through its platform, customers are able to create startup contracts – from fundraising documents to founders agreements. Fully tech-enabled, the platform integrates digital tools directly with the documents – such as e-signing, dataroom, and cap table management – and users get access to SeedLegals’ award-winning team of specialist advisors who provide expert commercial guidance at no additional cost.

Commenting on the launch, Hsiang Low, Head of Asia-Pacific at SeedLegals said “Asia-Pacific is one of the fastest-growing regions in the world for startups, with unprecedented untapped potential. The current legal landscape in Asia-Pacific however is slow, costly and confusing for startups, and ripe for disruption. We believe there’s a better way for startups and small businesses to access legal solutions, in a way that accelerates growth.”

Fundraising can be make or break for startups, and often the time and complexity related to drafting deal documents and going through negotiations can work against founders’ ability to take in investment when the time is right. The Asia-Pacific region sees startups raising more investment than ever before, with some estimates suggesting the startup ecosystem could be worth US$1 trillion by 2025. SeedLegals enters the market with a mission to enable and empower founders to do better deals – whether that is opening funding rounds faster, leading negotiations with deal terms they understand or simply cutting down the related administrative and legal costs.

Through SeedLegals users have access to a range of fundraising services that best suits their needs – from raising a traditional funding round with Seed/Series A Round, topping up an investment with Instant Investment, or agile fundraising between rounds with SeedFAST advanced subscription agreements or SeedNOTE convertible loan notes.

“Having come from a legal background, I want to make legal services accessible to founders in this region – everything on SeedLegals is designed to empower founders to understand their legals and help them make informed decisions” said Low, “we’re trying to democratise startup investment, and we look forward to seeing the shift in perception in this region as founders start to understand that with a bit of education and some guidance, they can be in the driver’s seat.”

Commenting on the expansion, Anthony Rose, founder and CEO of SeedLegals said: “Asia-Pacific’s thriving startup scene has accelerated the need for digital solutions that provide improved accessibility- not only to legaltech- but to sound business advice as well. It’s about enabling a founder’s vision and giving them the tools to empower them at every stage of the journey from the seed stage to a thriving, successful company.”

Since being launched in London in 2017 by serial entrepreneur Anthony Rose and serial angel investor Laurant Laffy, SeedLegals saw runaway success and quickly became the UK’s largest platform for funding rounds (the team currently opens an average of 30 funding rounds per week).