Cancer caring through integrative healing

Starting her career around 2013 with a non-profit organisation in New York, that used movement therapy to rehabilitate cancer patients exposed her to the concept of Integrative Oncology.

She brought this concept to India and implemented it in 2018. Since then her organisation, CARER, has been working up close and personal with multiple cancer patients, survivors and caregivers, helping them change their lifestyle and manage their condition better.

Samara Mahindra believes this is where her passion lies. Being able to take all the knowledge that she has gained and access to high quality healthcare, and in turn provide the same to people who need it most.

Here she responds exclusively to some questions from AsiaBizToday.

Which are the services that CARER provides?

CARER provides integrative and holistic therapies in the form of clinical nutrition, physical rehabilitation and mental wellbeing to cancer patients on treatment and post. The objective is to help decrease symptoms, improve immunity, quality of life and work towards decreasing risks of relapse.

What was your trigger and motivation to get into this?

The trigger was when I experienced cancer as a caregiver, while my mother fought it for over 6 years. While we had exposure to high quality medical care, there were no solutions available to manage the other conditions that exist for the patient, such as nutrition deficiency, physically rehabilitation or mental health. Which eventually decreased her quality of life substantially and her resilience to fight the disease any longer.

What have been your experiences in this initiative?

The most important facet required to be a leader in healthcare, is compassion and empathy. The only way we can face the challenges and fight the odds is by getting your team to understand the importance of the work you do and inculcating empathy as the number one trait.

Which are the important factors that keep you going?

Knowing that I am making a difference to someone’s life and giving back in whatever way i can.  Along with this, is persistence, resilience and always listening to your intuition.

Have you faced any obstacles in your initiatives? Any specific challenges because of being a woman?

I have faced multiple obstacles as everyone else. Such as the adoptability or acceptability of what we are doing in healthcare, due to being the first mover in the space. I have never faced any specific challenge of being a woman entrepreneur in India. In fact, it has been widely accepted and welcomed.

Where do you usually find inspiration from?

I have certain people that I look upto, but mainly from my patients and myself.

What’s your proudest moment so far?

When strangers come up to me and tell how CARER has changed the life of their loved ones.

How would you define success?

When you know you have given the best version of yourself towards what you love, which in turn has made this world a better place.

What Advice do you have for other aspiring Entrepreneurs, especially women?

We have an innate ability to be logical, fair and compassionate at the same time. Every one of us has the ability to make a difference and the key is to push forward and know that you are good enough no matter what.