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Rashi Narang, Founder – Heads Up for Tails

With a firm belief in safety, innovation and empathy, Rashi Sanon Narang set on the path to create and curate a range of relevant pet products and services – Heads Up for Tails.

Heads Up for Tails was founded with the sole aim of making the lives of all pet companions, better. By offering products and services that make the pets more comfortable, healthier and happier, the team hope to strengthen the bond between pet and parent. Rashi focussed on premium products which were more design-centric, and that pushed her products to the expensive side of the shelves

“We understand that with pets, a one-size-fits-all philosophy falls flat, so we have personalisation and customisation services that give your pet truly unique products. We are constantly adding our inventory of products and services to give you a holistic pet care experience and become rock solid partner in your pet parenting journey”, says Rashi.

Rashi holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Management from the London School of Economics and started her career with a job at an MNC. But she didn’t enjoy that and wanted to do something more meaningful. A few years later, she moved back with the idea of HeadsUpforTails.

Rashi was recently presented the Women Icons Asia 2018 Award by BERG Singapore a the summit in March 2018, admist other leading Women professionals & Entrepreneurs from Asia. Team ABT captures more insights from her journey in this interview below.

Who is your greatest inspiration & Why?
I am inspired by many people- doing big work and small. I actually find a lot of inspiration around me and cannot name one person. I am grateful for it all.

What led you to the path of Entrepreneurship?
I’m born an Entrepreneur and have been one since I was 7 when I made cards and sole them in my neighbourhood to collect money to feed the stray dogs near my house! It was always exciting to think about building something that you can call your own. Though it comes with a million challenges, I wouldn’t ever choose another path!

Tell us about your most cherished milestone.
In 2016, I won the Lufthansa Runway to Success Season 4 from 50,000 other Indian entrepreneurs and in 2017, we got the World Brand Award in the pet category! Both those milestones were special!

How was the idea of HeadsUpforTails born? What challenges do you address?
In 2006, a little fur ball of love came into my life- my beautiful puppy named Sara, and literally changed my life! In my quest to make sure that my newest family member has the best of everything, I scoured all the pet stores in India and was dismayed by what I found. There was absolutely nothing of quality. And thats how Heads Up For Tails was born!

Heads Up For Tails research, design and manufacture products for pet owners to be able to indulge their pets but also raise better pets. We have a huge range of products ranging from toys, accessories, treats, grooming products, bedding, collars and leashes and more.We also work hard to support many stray doggies, shelters and other animals who need our help.

Do you face challenges as a Woman Entrepreneur? Tell us more
In the initial years I did, but I believe that was because I was young with not much experience. I now believe being woman entrepreneur has advantages of its own!

If you were to do any one thing differently, what would that be?
I started off very young with no team, money, expertise but only with big dreams! And so the first few years were awfully hard. I wish I had some more knowledge and experience in the space to have made it easier. Suddenly, I was building physical and online stores, manufacturing, retailing and developing an entire industry that was non existent in India. Those were awfully tough times doing it all on my own.

What would you like to achieve in the coming years?
We feel that people just don’t know enough about their pets. We are starting a big knowledge vertical soon to educate people on all aspects of pet parenting and hope to be able to connect them much better with their pets.

Pets bring so much joy into our lives and we want people to feel that more, to celebrate that more!

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