Empowering people through Emotional Intelligence


Sandhya Mathur, Founder & Life Coach – Inward Focus

Sandhya began her career as a trainer more than two decades ago, training senior executives and bankers in software when the subject was in its infancy in India. She takes pride & joy in her job because it helps empower people live up to their potential. Supporting people with career and life enhancement skills, over the years, became her calling and that led her to founding Inward Focus.

Inward Focus supports and enables people to empower themselves in all spheres of their lives through emotional Intelligence and also incorporate the essence of Eastern Philosophy with structured coaching techniques for effective transformation and achievement. At Inward Focus, one of the goals was to work with educated and qualified women who had taken a break from work.  “It was a challenge to work with their existing mindset, low self-esteem and confidence as a result of not living their dreams” says Sandhya. 

An ACC credentialed (ICF) Empowerment Coach and a Master Spirit Coach, Sandhya is also certified for High Impact Presentations by Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. and has over 500 hours of training experience. The firm has coached and consulted for a wide range of professionals–from educators to founders of companies. She is senior faculty member at Symbiosis Coaching,based in the U.S. and currently conducts classes on ICF Coach Certification

Here are some of her views as a Women Leader, as shared with team ABT.

Who is your greatest inspiration?
My inspiration comes from my parents who instilled in me the importance of being authentic, believing in myself and never giving up. I have nurtured these ideals, held them close to my heart and based my personal and professional life on them.

Tell us about some of the challenges faced as a woman entrepreneur?
All entrepreneurs, men and women, face some challenges. I have been coaching women who are looking at career transition and others who are exploring the option of starting out on their own. Through these interactions I observed some challenges that are unique to women. ‘Mompreneurs have dual commitments — to their families and to work. They need to work harder at achieving the work-life balance that everyone aspires for. To take initiative and start something on their own women need to struggle with social norms and mindsets. Traditional expectations prevail even now. Perceptions need to be dealt with. To start a business on her own a woman may need approval from the family who may or may not understand her aspirations.

Women also struggle with confidence in their own worth and are not comfortable talking about their own achievements.  They often feel intimidated and feel the need to be like someone else. They may have limited access to funds which forms the backbone of any business. Even after the initial stages they work under immense pressure and stress as a result of the fear of failure because they sometimes take the initiative against all odds and feel the need to prove themselves.

If you were to do one thing differently, what would that be?
If I could go back 25 years, I would dare to dream big and stay focused on realizing the dreams. I would work harder to find suitable alternatives in the struggle and tradeoffs between home and work and do my best at turning the perceived ‘not possible’ into ‘possible’!

What advice would you give a younger yourself?
A younger me would benefit from being free of the fear of failure and developing trust in my inner spirit which has no boundaries restricting it. Over the years, I realize that what we believe about ourselves and our limitations is based on an illusion and defined by our own senses.

Any advice you would like to give women entrepreneurs as a Life Coach?
As a Life Coach my approach to working with the challenges faced by each woman entrepreneur would be tailor made to suit her aspirations and circumstances. However, the right mindset, focus, courage of conviction and the will to realize her dreams can help any woman achieve all that she aspires for. She doesn’t have to have all the answers at the onset and definitely does not need to be like anyone else. Being authentic and building her own space is the key. Develop the courage to believe in your-self, take action based on that belief and wisdom — and then watch the circumstances and environment change!!