Impacting Millions through safe & green cleaning solutions

Megamorph is India’s First & Only certified Green Company by GC Mark, Germany & DQS in the scope of manufacturing domestic & industrial cleaning liquids. (

Niyati Purohit, CEO and Ashwin Suresh, Managing Director of the Company combine their working experiences from different walks of life and professionals to build a product range and company that solves the humongous issue of hygiene in our country. The team maintains a high standard of quality, service and packaging at affordable prices to the public at large.

Megamorph started operations in 2008. Moving from the consulting to the marketing space was a natural progression for this team of professional experts. The company prides itself on being able to offer affordable and effective solutions in home care that have minimal impact on the environment during its manufacturing process. The company currently has three brands in the market under Megamorph – CareClean Domestic Cleaning Solutions, CareClean industrial cleaning solutions and Amora. Each product has been put together with the aim of making the world a safer, cleaner and better place.

The consumer range- CareClean, is available in over 1000 outlets across Southern and Eastern part of the country. It is also available on Bigbasket. The industrial range is also moving quickly and is currently available in over 50 whole seller dealer locations across India. So much so that we are looking at opening up one more plant in Central India to service the Western and Northern parts of the country. Their current R&D and manufacturing plant is located at Bommasandra industrial area with a capacity of 32 lakh liters annually.

Team ABT reached out to Mr. Suresh for sharing his experience & insights with us.

What inspires you as an Entrepreneur? Why?
Though both of us are from diversely different background, we have always had a similar vision to build a platform for young & energetic people to flourish and partner in the success of an organisation. We have always been driven to build a legacy that our parents will be proud off. Doing this as an entrepreneur gives us the scope and freedom to pursue opportunities ensuring that we maintain our values & principles. Every employee at Megamorph is sure of the fact that he or she is in an organisation that works with a vision, maintains ethics & takes environmental consciousness decisions.

Tell us about the circumstances that led you to setup Megamorph
The vision behind founding this company has always been to Make the World & Safer, Cleaner & Better Place. The ideasthatmatter-1lack of basic hygiene, sanitation & cleanliness; which has to be a basic right is often neglected. Both of us strongly believe that it is the responsibility of everyone to pitch.

What were the initial days/challenges like? How did you over come them?
Building the initial team was the biggest challenge. Taking interviews in an office with few rented furniture scattered around and conveying the vision to potential employees was difficult. Once we built the team, getting our first customer took a long time. Everyone wanted testimonials or references when we had none. The first conversion took a lot of effort and investment in free sampling and demos. It is from this one customer that we have built a large network of customers and distributor across India. If we actually sit down and map the connections it certainly will boil down to the first 3-4 customers who gave us the opportunity.

If you were to do one thing differently, what would that be?
Every mistake & wrong turn has always thought us something valuable and shaped our principles & daily functioning. Doing something different may teach us different lessons or the same lessons in a different order but we do not regret any thing that we have done.

Could you recall any one milestone that you are most proud of?
The biggest milestone in our journey was being awarded the prestigious “Green Company” certification by GC Mark Germany & DQS India. We are India’s first company to be awarded this certification in the scope of manufacturing domestic & industrial cleaning solutions. This took a whole lot of effort from the whole team to make environmentally conscious decisions in every division of the organisation. 

What is your philosophy when it comes to doing business?
Megamorph stands on 6 pillars – Be a platform for learning and growth; Be passionate for excellence; Be Honest, Be Grateful; Embrace Change; Make work Fun and Care for Everyone, Love will follow

What would you like to achieve in the coming years?
We envision to touch at least a million lives with superior & specialised solutions and radically change the definition of safe & green cleaning. We would like to be an internationally respected brand with green solutions across various industries

Creating Money Management solution for Millenials

Murad Nathani, Co-founder – Slonkit

An Inventor, Consultant & an Entrepreneur, sums up the career of Murad Nathani. His venture Slonkit is India’s first mobile app linked to a prepaid VISA card that enables youngsters to manage their money smartly. Through the mobile app, Slonkit enables youngsters to get themselves their first pre-paid card, manage their expenses through the mobile app, make purchases at any POS or online.

Slonkit features include: Expense Manager, Budget Tracker, My Slonkit ,Go Dutch, Recharge, Slonkit Offers. The app is a one of its kind finance management tool with fun elements such as “My Slonkit”, a feature that creates spend based personas such as Foodie, Nomad, Movie Maniac, etc. In addition, it has features such as “Expense Manager” which displays monthly expenses across different categories such as food, travel, bills etc.

The app also features a “Budget Tracker” which enables youngsters to set budgets for their expenses across categories thus making youngsters financially responsible. The app also enables parents to monitor the spending patterns of their prodigy . Hence developing smart money management skills in youngsters.

Murad has always been passionate about solving problems. He spent a decade working with Bain & Co., a leading management consulting firm to solve tough problems and drive results for his clients. In his current avatar, he spends time solving problems of money management faced by Millennials.

Murad enjoys innovation and using creative solutions to solve everyday problems and is on the journey to creating a next-generation money management solution for teenagers and youngsters. Here are more insights from the young entrepreneur, as shared with Team ABT.

Who is your greatest inspiration & why?
I take inspiration from multiple sources in life. Be it my spouse, family or well-known entrepreneurs. It is their ability to have a bold vision, take risks in trying to solve that problem, and then navigate and stay the course during tough times that inspires me.

What led you to founding Slonkit?ideasthatmatter-1
It’s a result of my passion and interest in solving important problems. It came up during a discussion with the Founder of Slonkit – Javed Tapia. We were chatting about how parents today struggle to track how much money they have given to their children as pocket money or allowance. On the other hand, we also got to understand from children that they want to get a monthly allowance and then manage their money independently.

Slonkit is the only product which aptly fits into this perennial lacuna that hinders communication on money management between parents and their children. With Slonkit, parents can view their children’s expenses across the month and empower them with insights and guidance on managing their money better, as against asking where the money was spent.

Using Slonkit, children can learn an essential life skill – smart money management, while also enjoying the much-desired responsible freedom and the joy of managing their own money.

Today, Slonkit has been well accepted by parents all over India and is India’s first money management app that is linked to a physical VISA card. Slonkit has brought about a paradigm shift in the perspective of parents towards giving pocket money to their children.

Tell us why do you think the idea is unique?
There is no product in India that talks to children, teenagers and young adults on the value of money management and savings. The entire fintech ecosystem is promoting a “spend” culture wherein you get cashback and incentives on spending more.

We, at Slonkit, have been proponents of the importance of saving, money management and financial prudence. That, by itself, makes us unique.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to doing business?
Our philosophy is to be customer centric and deal with our customers with honesty and transparency. From the product itself, to the new features of our app, we have our customer’s input and feedback on everything we do. Even for our marketing activities, we ensure that we publish the rules and terms clearly for all to see, so there are no hidden charges or surprises.

While transparency with customers is sacrosanct, we also believe in continuously evolving Slonkit to help our users to learn and practice the art of managing their money through the Slonkit card and the Slonkit mobile app – continuous product innovation is another key business philosophy.

Where did you meet your co-founders?
I have known Javed Tapia from childhood. Javed is a serial entrepreneur with ventures spanning technology, payments, realty and renewable energy. He is credited for bringing Red Hat to India through a joint venture with Red Hat LLC – a development which marked the beginning of the open source revolution in India and set the foundations for a host of mobile-app-based startups in India.
How were the first 90 days like?
Slonkit is a unique product. There are very few brands which are talking about money management to teenagers and young adults. The first 90 days were spent doing a lot of research and interactions with our target group and their parents. This gave us a lot of insights which have translated beautifully into product features, and customer engagement points for us. The activities done in that phase have also been very helpful in shaping the product roadmap in terms of new features and offerings.

Tell us about your leadership style?
I believe in having an open and transparent leadership style where everyone pitches their ideas and helps the company move forward. This approach has helped us to constantly improve the Slonkit value proposition for our customers.

What would you like to achieve in the coming years?
We would love to be the “go-to” money management platform for children and teenagers as well as their parents. By bringing parents and children onto a common money management platform, we will lay the foundation for the creation of a new generation of financially prudent citizens – I believe, it is the need of the hour, not only for India but all across the globe.

Integrating Car buying & after-sales deals using Technology

BookMyTime founded by Tony Hadzi, Raghurama Kote and Muki Regunathan, serial entrepreneurs, is a next-generation automotive platform that is helping car owners save time and money while buying or servicing their car. It is an end-to-end mobile-based platform connecting automobile owners with car dealers and service providers. It aims to make buying cars, car service and repairs, worry-free and transparent while ensuring impeccable quality at the best price.

BookMyTime brings together a group of people who are interested in buying the same brand of car and leverage the power of collective bargaining. BookMyTime team negotiates with multiple car dealers on behalf of the customers to get the best discount. They get the best deals available in the market for the customers and the help their time.

BookMyTime not only helps in finding the best and nearest service provider but also has in-house car experts who guide and support the car owner make informed service, repair and maintenance choice for their cars. BookMyTime has currently tied up with 182 authorized and multi-brand garages for car services across Bangalore to provide various services ranging from free services, regular paid services, paints, dent removals, ad-hoc repairs, replacements (tires, windshields, batteries, etc.) and, car spa. The company’s vision is to transform the new car buying and after-sales car market in India by leveraging technology.

Mr. Muki co founder of BookMyTime is a design thinker and digital marketing expert. He is also the founder and CEO of Pepper Square, one of India’s finest digital agencies. In his 22 years career he has successfully influenced over 250 companies from brand building to exit strategy in India and USA.

Mr. Muki Regunathan shares some interesting insights with team ABT below.

Tell us about your career, interests & passion

The kinds of opportunities that are available in India right now are very exciting. The main focus for me is to look for the right idea and bring the right people to execute that idea. My passion is solving business problems by design thinking. I spend quite a bit of time researching and meeting people from interior part of India on Alternative medicine that can cure many deadly diseases.

Who is your greatest inspiration & why?
There are multiple people who have influenced me and continue to inspire me. From the context of the Indian business strata, I have been inspired to a great extent by Narayana Murthy and Azim Premji. Both of these legends are self-made and extremely down to earth.  They started their companies with the limited resources that were available to them in those times. They have succeeded in building an organization and not merely a “brand”, which has created a source of income for millions. Distinctive qualities of the Indian value system are reflected in each and every decision or step that they take. That’s a great lesson for all of us. What our grandparents and parents have inculcated in us is what we should be following. Remember to look inside first and not outside.

Tell us about BookMyTime & the business model. Why is it unique value proposition?
BookMyTime is all about automobiles and currently we are focusing on cars. The USP of the company is that we are ideasthatmatter-1trying to increase transparency in buying and servicing of cars. We are the only company in India that operates on the Group Buying concept. We also have a strong back-end team that includes in house service engineers who guide users with neutral feedback on how to maintain their cars and to which dealers, service centers or garages to approach. We ensure that our customers get the best deals on new car buying, servicing or repairs.

Where did you meet your partners/co-founders?
All of us have known each other for the last 15 years and have even done business together previously.

How did it all start? How were the initial 90 days like?
The original idea was conceived by Raghurama Kote; one of the Co-founders. India is the third largest market for automobiles and the Government of India estimates that the industry will touch 60 Billion Dollars by 2020. In spite of this, we strongly believe that the power of the digital experience has still not been utilized by the market. We started BookMyTime because of our understanding of what is currently lacking in India. The industry has hardly changed in the last 20 years, particularly in the case of selling and servicing cars. We want to improvise this with technology so that the industry becomes customer centric and not product centric. Urbanization and globalization is changing India and the focus of Indian consumers and we want to make sure that Indian consumers do not have to worry about their car in their plethora of priorities.

The first 30 days were very exciting. First, all us Co-founders debated about WHY BookMyTime and what we hope to achieve with the company. Once we were convinced there is huge opportunity; we focused on how to build the brand “BookMyTime” for the next two months. After this, we shifted our focus on to finalizing the most important processes and guidelines of the company. We did not start the company by conducting customer surveys; we started the company because we know what is lacking in the Indian automobile industry and the problems we and our friends and family experienced. We also created Minimum Viable Production three months, then went public with it and got honest feedback from the users. The version of the application that is currently available is a completely upgraded version from what it used to be.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to doing business?
I strongly believe that every business should be an ethical one. The value system of the organization should be experienced by customers, partners and employees. The business idea has to bring immense value to the user or customer. We have strived hard to ensure than we maintain the highest standards of ethics in BookMyTime.

What are your expectations from the Automobile Industry in 2017?
My Expectation from the Automobile Industry is that they should deliver innovation and aim to be bringing zero pollution automobiles to India by 2017. The need of the hour is to have cleaner and environment friendly automobiles particularly in India, where most cities have been cited as too polluted to live in.

Did you manage to raise any funding?
All the Co-founders have put together close to a million dollars into BookMyTime and we are in talks with investors for the next round of funding.

What would you like to achieve in the coming years?
We want to be the number one brand for Group Buying of cars, service and repair across India by 2020.

Pioneer in Innovative field force management solutions

Mr. Ramanan Subramani, Chief Sales & Marketing officer – Spoors

Spoors, established in April, 2013 is a unique player in the enterprise activity management space and India’s leading Technology Company. Ever since its inception, Spoors has been constantly innovating solutions by putting CIOs and CXOs business needs as a key catalyst and has built the solution that evolved from a Tracking and Monitoring solution to a Field Force Service Management, to a complete Enterprise Activity Management and Automation toolkit. From years of industry specific research, knowledge and experience, Spoors has delivered the best solutions to its clients and empowered organizations with a comprehensive field force management solution using cloud and mobility that optimizes overall business operations and maximises field productivity.

Spoors product EFFORT (Effortless Field Force Optimization and Reporting Toolkit) makes it simple for organizations to configure, manage and report field force activities. The self-serving portals, robust engines, best practice platforms, powerful tools and user friendly dashboards enable to manage businesses of large volumes and sizes with much ease and confidence. EFFORT enables managers, Service providers, back office employees and field agents to access the application seamlessly to implement work flow activities across the organization and bring transparency, efficiency and accountability to field operations.

Spoors has qualified and skilled workforce of over 50 amazing professionals, who are technologically proficient and innovative. With highly effective industry experience, innovative technical skills, empowering vision, and out-of-the-box thinking, the management of Spoors has been able to deliver the product EFFORT to over 120 customers in 10 verticals, 5 countries with 20,000 plus users performing millions of activities verticals and leading corporate such as GoIbibo, Redbus, Airtel, Authbridge, Hello Health, Mahindra Finance, L&T Finance, Reliance and so on. . Spoors offers one solution for all at a price that puts most competition way behind in price parity.

Mr. Ramanan Subramani – Chief Sales & Marketing officer at Spoors, is a Data Analysis Enthusiast with a flair for engagement strategy, experience design and consumer behaviour. He has completed his education from renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of Management. Mr. Subramani shares more insights from his his journey with Spoors below.

Who is your greatest inspiration & why?
My greatest inspiration has been Steve Jobs. He is someone who has influenced the world in ways people can only imagine. He has not only created beautiful and intelligent products but has in the process changed perspectives on product design, service, marketing, customer experience and even life! Closely following his footsteps is Elon Musk who is also a great influence in my life. Someone who tells people to have dreams that is untethered!

Tell us more about your professional journey
I started my career as a writer and then went on to become a technologist and then took a plunge into the digital marketing/branding world. My journey has straddled multiple domains, technologies and markets leaving me with rich learnings but an inquisitiveness to learn more. I think it all started when I chanced upon “Interpretation of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud. This left me a vivid yearning to understand why people do what they do, how they are motivated, etc. This also paved the way for me to sign up for a PhD program, although eventually gave this up as I felt an experiential journey in the corporate world would benefit me more. I was particularly interested researching markets and understanding consumers and their behaviour.

Tell us about Spoors & the business model, why is it a unique value proposition?
Spoors is quite a unique player in the enterprise activity management space. Putting CIOs and CXOs business needs ideasthatmatter-1as a key catalyst, Spoors has built the solution that evolved from a Tracking and Monitoring solution to a Field Force Service Management, to a complete Enterprise Activity Management and Automation toolkit. While the platform fits seamlessly into any domain functionally, we have not compromised on its capability to accommodate any number of users. None of these factors have been a reason of concern for our customers till date. We offer one solution for all at a price that puts most competition way behind us in price parity.

Productivity comes at a cost. It comes at the cost of investing one’s interest and in channelizing the efforts towards productivity which in turn translates to business success. Hence we have priced our entire feature bundle (and any future feature updates) at a compelling cost per user per month. Guest what? What an executive would spend on a Starbucks coffee is what he/she would spend for an entire month of productivity on our platform.

Did you manage to raise any funding?
We have a set of Angels who have invested in us in the past. We are currently raising funds to scale our operations, offerings and also expand the GEOs we operate in.

What’s your philosophy when it comes to doing business?
What I had personally liked about our CEO – C. Rama Krishna Reddy is that he mandates the philosophy of “Sell only what we have”. In businesses, most often than not sales executives are encouraged to sell features and technologies that don’t even exist. But with us we already have several features that we in fact underplay in an effort to surprise our customers pleasantly and to not intimidate them. And as a policy we are transparent and believe in telling our customers upfront about elements that we can or cannot achieve. But as they say, Honesty is the best policy and our 120+ customers are testimony to this fact.

What are your expectations from the Industry in 2017?
The Mobile revolution is influencing the decisions of many businesses irrespective of B2B or B2C sectors. It is turning out to becoming a super-computing device that can be accessed by all anytime anywhere. We feel that not many companies are in fact poised ably help people, companies, processes to be seamlessly automated with a low impact on work and costs. Spoors is, in fact poised to help companies do just that and we expect that the industry will also evolve in embracing these solutions from niche players like us. And when we say industry we talk about almost all domains and not just any select technology.

What would you like to achieve in the next 3 years?
150+ employees, 15 countries, The Go-To Enterprise Activity Mgmt. Solution for any domain!