NTUC and SP Jain Join Forces for Members’ Benefit

NTUC and SP Jain School of Global Management (SP Jain) recently signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) that is set to benefit NTUC members as they pursue lifelong learning.

The two-year MOU will give NTUC members special rates for the programmes at SP Jain. The MOU also includes 15 scholarships worth $6,000 each to be given each year.

The partnership with SP Jain will help NTUC members collectively save more than $100,000 per year, and will provide an additional platform for them to progress and transit in their careers.

The programmes are:

The MOU was signed by NTUC Assistant Director-General Vivek Kumar and SP Jain CEO Dr John Fong.

Mr Vivek said: “The Labour Movement has always taken the view that while jobs may become obsolete, our union members must always be given an opportunity to continuously upgrade their skills and stay relevant.”

Help to Upskill

SP Jain is not the first institute of higher learning (IHL) NTUC has partnered. Other IHLs include Singapore University of Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University and the Singapore Media Academy.

Mr Vivek said that the partnership with SP Jain caters to the diverse upskilling needs of NTUC members.

He added: “SP Jain School is one of the progressive global management institutions and is currently ranked number 16 on the Forbes Best International MBAs.”

Dr Fong said: “In today’s technologically driven society, the learning journey will never end and this has brought about a paradigm shift. We believe that continuous and deep learning is the key to staying on top of all things.

“We will also curate, design and customise short-term executive programmes that will benefit NTUC members at various stages of their careers.”

He is confident of the take-up rates and more courses could be added to the partnership in the future based on needs.

“We have already established six virtual labs in the areas of blockchain, Internet of Things, machine learning, application programming interface, cybersecurity and AR/VR [Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality]. These are cutting-edge areas that we are sure NTUC members would be interested in learning more about,” said Dr Fong.

Applications are now open for the September 2018 intake, which closes on 11 August 2018, while the March 2019 intake closes on 5 March 2019.

Knowledge Partner: SP Jain will also be a partner for NTUC’s upcoming U Future Leaders Summit 2018 with a sponsorship of $20,000. The event takes place on 4 October 2018 at The Star Theatre. SP Jain is an Australian technology-led business school with campuses in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney and Mumbai. For more information and sign-ups, visit the SP Jain website.

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