Weathering Industrial Challenges to provide Landscape Solutions

Doris Wee Hui Cheen, CEO- Wendell Trading Company

Doris Wee started working as the Marketing Executive for Wendell Trading Company and quite soon rose to the position of the Chief Marketing Officer.  With over 30 years in trading of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in Singapore, Wendell Trading Company specializes in products and services which beautify and maintain local landscapes and horticulture. With Doris’s diligent efforts in implementing key strategies and conducting research & development programs, the Company remains at the forefront in the industry, with sales turnover crossing the 10 million mark in 2015 in Singapore and Malaysia.

Singapore born Doris Wee holds a Bachelor degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing. Her job experience after graduation is multi industries ranging from food to electronics to telecommunication. Her interest lies in travelling, cooking, learning multi cultures and their cuisines as she believes they widen her horizon. “My passion is my work and overcoming challenges gives me a sense of achievement and sense of self assurance”, she says.

Doris shares with team ABT, more about her organization & professional journey in this interview.

Tell us about your journey at Wendell Trading Company and its reach so far.
Wendell Trading Company primarily deals with fertilizers and agrochemicals. It has weathered many challenges posed by Singapore industrialisation and shrinking land supply that threaten its business survivability.

Over the 40 years of business, Wendell has evolved from a primary supplier of Singapore agriculture farms to a key player in landscaping and amenity turf. The company has changed its product mix and enhance its business model to offering maintenance services to customers as a big value add to the tight labour market of Singapore.

Who is your greatest inspiration and why?
My greatest inspiration is my father because he has a wealth of experience that I can draw experience from and has guide me through difficult challenges in my entrepreneur journey.

Tell us about your leadership style.
My leadership style is always about effective delegation and allowing flexibility in working style of staff.

Women are often referred as “better halves”, what are your thoughts on this?
I believe in equal halves than better halves 🙂

What was the one milestone you are proud of?
The one milestone that I’m proud of is diversifying our company from trading to offering services to customers who appreciates our creative business idea that has entrench our positioning in the niche market we are servicing.

If you were to do one thing differently, what would that be?
I would like to be a politician, speaking for human rights.

What would you like to achieve in the next coming years?
I would like to contribute to my organisation by upgrading myself by completing my MBA and by achieving this, I hope to widen my horizon, learn from the business veterans in different industries.