The Perk-up Fashion Designer from Nepal

Mishu Shrestha – Founder Mishus Fashion

Every woman should feel beautiful; simple yet elegant and Mishus works with the same philosophy. Mishus launched in 2012 specialises in Women-ready to clothing, cashmere line clothing and evening dresses. Passionate about fashion, Mishu Shrestha founded “Mishus” with a vision to be Nepal’s one of the most successful fashion designer. “My passion is being creative. I have turned my passion for fashion into a business.” She says.

Mishu Shrestha accomplished her Fashion Design Course from the Milan Fashion Campus, a private fashion school in Milan, Italy. She has over two decades of work experience in manufacturing and hospitality industries. She has been actively involved in her family-owned manufacturing businesses of high-end cashmere products and hand-knotted carpets. She is the creative director of the Cashmere Line for the label AnnaRohn, Germany and also serves as a director on the board of Radisson Hotel Kathmandu, Nepal.

She has designed elegant and sophisticated Gowns for Miss Nepal World 2013 – Ishani Shrestha, Miss Nepal Earth 2014 – Prinsha Shrestha and Miss Nepal World 2015 – Evana Manandhar.

Mishu shares some snippets from her entrepreneurial journey with team ABT here.

Who is your inspiration and why?
The person who has inspired me the most and who is the greatest source inspiration in my life is my mother. I would not be the person I am today without her love and support.

I also get tremendously inspired from all the women – from street vendor to the successful women entrepreneurs – who have gone through their own journey of struggles and challenges and despite all this, have worked hard to build something of their own that have helped to achieve financial independence and support their families. I also get inspiration from the physically challenged children at my CSR project.

What led you to set up Mishus?
I am from a family of entrepreneurs and watched my parents build their business up from scratch. Together, they started Soorya Carpet Industries, one of the pioneers of Nepalese carpet industry. Having built a successful company and going through all the difficulties of being an entrepreneurship, they have shown me that it is possible to reach your dreams and do whatever you want to, if you have persistence, ambition, passion and patience. I have always dreamed of setting up my own business. And when I got the opportunity to do so, I launched my own women’s clothing brand and fashion line under the brand name MISHUS on Nov. 2012. MISHUS specializes in evening gowns and a wide-range of cashmere products.

What were the challenges you faced and how did you overcome it?
Being a woman in a male-dominated society is itself very challenging. And being an independent woman entrepreneur and trying to do things your way in such a society is particularly difficult. Setting up my own business, building my own brand and employing people did not happen overnight and were the challenges I had to face. My biggest challenge initially was sourcing for investments, raw materials, paper works, setting up and marketing. It was difficult but with the support of my husband and family made me possible to overcome it.

Do you feel privileged as a Woman Entrepreneur?
Though Woman Entrepreneurship is on the rise globally but it has always been a bumpy ride for women entrepreneurs. Discrimination, social prejudices against woman and lack of confidence in and preconceived notions about working women, make it more difficult for women who want to work and start their own business. The society and, sometimes, even their own family have a hard time believing in women’s capacity to work and do something independently and be successful at it. However, this mindset has been changing gradually. I take pride in being a woman entrepreneur. And I am very privileged to have very supportive people around me and who help me achieve my dreams. I am very thankful to them.

If you were to do one thing differently what would that be?
There is nothing I would have done differently; I am who I am because of the journey I have taken and because of the struggles and failures I have experienced. All these lessons have enriched me personally and made me a stronger and better person. I do not wish to look back and wish how I could have done things differently. I should only look forward in the future with the knowledge I have gained so far.

What would you like to achieve in the next coming years?
I want to make more women to be a part of my business initiative and help them achieve financial independency. I also wish to go international with my brand MISHUS soon.