Transforming Human Potential with training and mentoring

Dr Vahini Reddy, Founder & Director – Evolve Excellence™ l Founder & Chairperson – VR ONENESS FOUNDATION® l Visionary Entrepreneur

Dr. Vahini Reddy has worked in corporate as HR for 11 years and 13 years in human behavior and leadership development training. Her interest and passion is in guiding and developing human potential through training and mentoring to support individuals and organizations prosper and progress even during extreme stress and challenges while at the same time to be a source of positivism and inspiration for the community and colleagues around. Her vision is to build shelter homes for single mothers & their children and make them self-sufficient and sustainable.
She is the Platform Originator at Forum For Excellence, Excellent Talks®, Creator at Parental Coaching Club®, Sensible Parenting Workshops, Mentor at E4SC, United Nations Alliance Of Civilizations amongst others.

Here are some more insights about Dr. Vahini shared with the team of ABT

Current Roles in various Projects
Mentoring – Entrepreneur’s from 20 Nationalities of United Nations E4SC Group; Mentors Sr. Management on Business Strategies and Team Leadership – India and Oman; corporate Training on Leadership and Organizational Development in Qatar; Mentoring Manufacturing, Textile, Art & Craft, Technology enterprises;
Adviser on Board to S2 System Solutions, India & USA; Chief Mentor for standalone, Trade Marked Certification Program “Get Balanced to Stay Balanced™” etc.

Greatest inspiration
My greatest inspirations are many but at the core I get really moved by 2 people, it’s my mum and 2nd Tony Robbins.  Though she wasn’t there from my childhood (demised when I was a year baby) but I heard a lot about her compassion, her multi talents and her intelligence through my granny.  I felt so charged merely by learning about her. And about Tony Robbins, I guess it’s almost 15 years ago, I read the book “Awaken the Giant within” that changed my life literally. I have read the book may be 9-10 times by now. I’m inspired more and more whenever I read this book.

About Evolve Excellence & its reach so far
The reason I started with Evolve Excellence is to support my foundation cause. I was not in an idea of taking donations, so, I stated with enterprise. I have started with Evolve Excellence 5 years ago with zero money investment. My experience and network was my initial investment. We creatively and strategically worked year after year growing clienteles and new products, also added international credentials and list of Entrepreneurs, Top executives to the mentoring list and company, expanded with the team members and trainers. We have catered clients from India, Middle East and United Nations as one of our esteemed client.

Views on the changing landscape of Skills Based Education in India
I’m very much in line with this idea of skills based education. In fact not only skills based but also with entrepreneurial skills. This movement must not be taken as temporary solution for unemployment and high rate population. But this change must be taken as adding historic and futuristic value to the generations. By encouraging and enhancing skills and entrepreneurial skills, the academic education would be bound to teach more logical, practical way to solve day to day problems in individual’s right from childhood. It devastates me when I see the fresher’s joining office with PG degrees in hands but seldom had they knowledge on solving simply day to day problems. They are blindly driven by brands, false lifestyle, eventually behaving like crabs, judging and pulling down each other rather than understanding the individual capacities and life issues. They fail to understand their own priorities and lacks using their potential in building a fulfilling life, which eventually reflects on community. We use to have S.U.P.W classes in our school days, and that even today helps us in our day to day thought process, living and giving. By introducing skills based education I believe that, the future generations can be built as more responsible citizen who understands ownership right from young age. Honestly, I can list out by writing a paper on this subject. When I stated with Evolve Excellence to support VR Oneness Foundation the idea was to build entrepreneurs. I always believed that entrepreneurs are economy soldiers and we must encourage youth and women to get into businesses.

Experience as a Women EntrepreneurKarmaveera Chakra award
Honestly, except for the fact that there are many schemes provided by govt. but it is highly difficult to get a business loan sanctioned for women entrepreneurs. I haven’t seen any privileged so far.

Most cherished milestone
There are few most cherished milestones that allow me to celebrate as proud moment and talk about it as case study.
When I got the training assignment to train middle and Mentor top management on business strategies in Srilanka, NRI’s from USA and Australia. 
When the team couldn’t bring in revenues, I could pitch in and get new clients but that not all, we are testified as trend setters who push the bar with quality services – as said by our client. That’s an achievement that I will always cherish. 
When I received Karmaveera Puraskar for the social work I do. Many came forward to support in building the shelter home. Having all this done by my consistent efforts makes me do more such work.

Goals for next 3 years
Next 3 years, I want to complete the UNIDO project successfully. Expand Evolve Excellence business operations and hopefully build the shelter home for single moms and their children — creating more women empowerment and providing healthy environment for those children.